Key Selling Points

  • The Cheapest and most reliable Web Hosting Company in the UK
  • Provides web hosting in the UK on Fast Cpanel servers using SSD drive technology

Services Offered: web hosting

Establishment: 2006

Target Customers: webmaster and small businesses


Manager: Phillip Jenkins


Address: High Speed Web Services LLC, 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, Delaware, 19958, United States
Telephone Number: +1-302-703-0525

What for Customers?

  • Innovative services with state-of-the-art systems and tools for optimal performance.

Latest News

  • (FEBRUARY 9, 2017) UK Cheap Hosts Offers Free SSL Certificates for Its Clients Forever through the cPanel Auto SSL system. It makes their customers website secure indefinitely without additional cost.

Latest News

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