Top PHP web hosting companies that give you a chance to enhance your visibility

If you really want to grow in your business industry or maintain your status symbol amongst your colleagues, than an individual or business website can be a life time opportunity for you. You just need to buy a personal domain name and host it on an open hosting server likewise: Linux or PHP hosting.

PHP hosting gives you a freedom of accessing your website from anywhere and implements the changes you want for it. This is highly user friendly, but a little bit of technical knowledge can enhance the functionality for you.

Well, there is a question on behalf of all non-technical persons that:

What is PHP web hosting?

PHP Hosting is a web hosting term that basically represents hosting inclusion with an open source scripting language PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor.

A web hosting always needs a scripting language that can access all server side calls and act over them without any discrepancy. That scripting language can be an open source script like: PHP or a paid Microsoft script like: ASP.

What are the essential Features of PHP web Hosting?

There are several general and business purpose, benefits already revealed earlier for the use of PHP hosting. Some of them are as follows:

  1. PHP is an easy to access HTML base scripting language.
  2. PHP can run on several platforms likewise: windows, Linux, IIS etc.
  3. PHP is an open source language that is freely available.
  4. PHP supports all essential databases like: MySQL, SQL etc.
  5. PHP supports most of the common platforms like: WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc.

Well, apart from it, the hosting providers are generally included several other features that will require for your web hosting and their easy access such as: cPanel, SSH, Bandwidth, Technical support etc.

Top 5 PHP web hosting companies

PHP Web HostingAccording to the essential features and customer’s feedback, we choose top 5 PHP hosting companies, that suits with the requirement of a customer and fulfil their desires as well. So, those hosting firms are as follows:

  1. iPage: One of the best hosting company that serves their hosting services with all latest version support in just $3.95/mo. They offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 live technical support. Their highly qualified technical stall always takes care of their data centres, which assures you for their reliability and performance.
  2. BlueHost: For the last 17 successful years, it serves award winning customer support to their customers with highly devoted technical staff. Their high configuration data centres assure you from the data theft and data loss and give you a reliable environment in just $6.95/mo.
  3. JustHost: In an affordable price of $4.45/mo, you will get award credits for all famous networking sites, SSH security, the latest version of PHP, user friendly cPanel and many more. JustHost is a reliable source of web hosting; now days and serves best services without any drawback and negative feedback.
  4. HostMonster: With several individual and business hosting plans, HostMonster entertains all users in just $4.95/mo (starting package). It includes all latest and essential features in all packages with a money back guarantee. They give live technical support through call, chat and mail.
  5. HostGator: It established in a single room, but now a days it known as a highly demanding hosting provider worldwide. Their affordable hosting services and 24/7 customer support helps a user to get rid off of the troubles of hosting and managing. They oblige their customers with highly technical assistance, easy user panel, navigable access and several other essential features in just $4.95/mo.

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