Cover pic revised Monthly HostingMonthly Hosting Company simply refers to that kind of hosting service provider which will charge the amount of their services for a single month and renew it every month with the same price that was charged at the time of allocation or registration.

True Monthly Web Hosting Companies

The term monthly web hosting comes in the knowledge of the public due to two main reasons, first one is the growing number of users who want to use hosting services, but didn’t want to pay yearly and the second one is the growing industry of seasonal websites. Seasonal website denotes to such services which are provided for a span of time and for the particular user group just like: Halloween, Crackles, Indian seasonal festivals etc.

Now a days, several hosting providers that already occupy a reputed position in the hosting industry, offers such kind of monthly web hosting services at very affordable and cheap price. Through such kind of emerging and future devoted services, they indulge in the future possibilities of hosting industry.

Some of the true monthly web hosting companies at very affordable monthly prices are listed below:

True Monthly Hosting Companies

  1. Inmotion Hosting: A reliable hosting provider that successfully serves their services since 2001 and built a trust in amongst all their users through their unbeatable services that can challenge any other reputed hosting provider. They offer their services in just $5.59/month including free data backups, 90 days money back guarantee, Free advertisement credits around $275, Spam safe Emails, more than 310 1-click installable applications and max speed zones that stops the wait of your users due to server failure.
  2. Site5 Hosting: A hosting company that covers almost the entire world with their high end servers and offers professional support with high satisfaction commitment. They get more than 3,738 customer’s feedbacks through third party authentication site and gets high satisfaction via this feedback survey. They offer their monthly hosting services in just $10.95/month with free migration, backups, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and much more.
  3. JustHost: With free domain name registration, easy control panel, free script library, 1-click installable applications and unlimited emails, JustHost offers their true monthly web hosting services in just $11.99/month. You can avail their discounted price, if you register yourself as a long term registrant and adopt their hosting services for min 4 years in just $3.50/month. But obviously that’s not a correct offer for the seasonal users, who run their services at the season of holidays or else. Well, with the association of JustHost, you will admire their customer support and transparent service policy even you’ll definitely enjoy their green hosting with complete satisfaction.
  4. HostMonster: Same as JustHost, HostMonster also obliges their customers with monthly web hosting services at $11.99/month. They provide additional free advertisement credit for all reputed social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter and search engines like: Google & Bing/yahoo. In this startup package, they serve most of the essential hosting features like: unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited sub-domains, 1-click installable open source applications (over 100) and several others.

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