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Ten Top Amazing WordPress PluginsWordPress is starting to get crowded with plugins. These tools practically pop up overnight, and reading through reviews can be tiresome. Let me do the work for you. Below, you will find 10 of the best new WordPress plugins available. Enjoy!

1. Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser Plugin – this plugin will only work if your site is minimal. I repeat, do not use this plugin if your site is overly busy! The Teaser plugin will display posts, photos, and other items posted on your site in carousel form. Now, I know I talked about the drawbacks to carousel ads before, but this plugin is a good way to go – if you are going to go down that road.

2. WordPress Live Chat Plugin For Sales and Support – want to chat live with your customers? This plugin pretty much explains itself!

3. WordPress Social Stream Plugin – if you are really social or want the world to see how social you are (SEO experts, this one is for you!), the WordPress Social Stream plugin combines all of your social streams across any social network you belong to, and puts all of those comments and photos into one nice grid. This plugin reminds me of what RebelMouse tried to do.

4. Special Recent Posts Pro – putting ‘special' or recent posts on the front page of your site is a great way to draw users attention to one or two aspects of your site. This plugin makes customizing thumbnails and posts simpler.

5. Fanciest Author Box – give credit where it's due! Do you have a content writer writing content for your site? Add a face to that name! This author box is a great way to show the world that you have actually people writing your content.

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6. uPricing Plugin – need to list pricing for products on your site? Take a look at the uPricing plugin. This plugin displays pricing details in a neatly compacted format, so that your readers can clearly see what packages and prices you offer.

7. Askimet Anti Spam Plugin – Askimet is one of the best known anti-spam providers. This plugin will protect your WordPress site from any intruder. If you have a WordPress site, you need Askimet!

8. Google Analytics for WordPress – analytics is important if you care about the number of hits your site is getting. This plugin allows you to track analytics directly through your site, making the whole tracking process simpler.

9. Pretty Link Lite – if you are going to post links on your site, make sure that they look nice!

10. Broken Link Checker – rounding out this list is a tool that will help you find broken links. Broken links happen all the time, but now you'll know when a link isn't working!

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