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hostgator Cheap Hosting CompanyQ: I'm looking to start a website, and I need to know how to find the best cheap hosting company that really has no hidden costs. Most of the “cheap hosting company” sites I visit come with some costs that aren't clear up front, but really add up when all is said and done.

Do you have any suggestions?

A: I agree. It's tricky to find a cheap hosting company that really doesn't include any added costs – wouldn't it be nice if hosting companies could just be upfront about all of those small added costs? But, the reality is that you'll have to do your own homework – or, ask me to do it for you!

A tip: remember to read the small print. You can't sign up for a hosting package, skip through all those details, and cry wolf when your bill comes in. If you see added costs involved in the fine print, call the company and ask about those costs. Can't reach anyone at the hosting company? That should be your first sign that you need to do more research!

Personally, I've used HostGator for a number of years. I have not come across any hidden costs, and I have had no issues with this hosting provider. I've also been able to get HostGator support staff on the phone the one time that I needed assistance. No, I don't work for HostGator, but it is one cheap hosting company that's reliable and doesn't come with hidden fees!

Thanks for your question!

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