Sharing items via Twitter is simple. You don’t have to worry about lengthy processes when sharing stuff through Twitter, but Twitter sharing isn’t a basic task either. How can you successfully share on Twitter? It helps to divide shared items into different categories like video, images, audio, and various others.

Sharing on Twitter

twitterWhen it was first developed, it was not possible to share music files, audio text, documents or video. But, these days, you can easily share your thoughts through any format through some simple and accessible apps.

Some helpful sharing tools include:

  1. Swift. FM:  Just sign in or sign up, and after that you can share your music files through Twitter.
  2. Twit  Doc: Apart from sharing music, if you need to share your documents (PDF, Excel, Doc or anything else), you can use this website.
  3. Twi. tt: You can share on Twitter whatever you want through this website. This site provides a simple user interface to upload Docs, Videos, Audio, Poll or other files.
  4. Audio Tweet: Through Audio Tweet, you can convert your text files into audio files and then easily share this completed file on Twitter without any hassle.
  5. Twit Pic: This can be used to share your favorite pictures or videos on Twitter through some simple steps.

Manage multiple accounts

As like every social media website, you can create multiple accounts on twitter through different-different email accounts.

If you really want to manage multiple accounts together, then you can use:

  1. Multiple Browsers: This is the simplest option to opt and manage your multiple accounts at the same time.
  2. TweetDeck: Apart from multiple browsers, you can access and manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time through TweetDeck.

Several other options are also available including Hootsuite and others. Take the time to research each option for your particular Twitter sharing needs.

Creating Groups

Twitter still doesn’t provide a group option, but if you need to create Twitter groups, you can use a third party app to create groups in Twitter.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. Twiigo: You can create groups with Twiigo by signing into Twitter and then creating your desired group.
  2. Tweet Deck: Apart from managing your multiple accounts, Tweet-Deck also provides group options.

Other than these two, there are numerous third party apps available to use like: Tweet-works, Twit Tangle, Twit Tag, Filttr, Twhirl and many more.

Use on iPhone

Being one of the most popular social media sites out there, there’s a Twitter app on almost every platform including the iPhone. To hook up your iPhone Twitter account, just download the iPhone Twitter app. From there, you can sign in and use the app as you please – you can even get push notifications and customized alerts. If you do use one of the tools above, you can also download that company app and connect your Twitter account.

Twitter is a versatile social media tool with a lot of great uses. Need some Twitter help? Just ask!

Use on android phone

Similar to I phone app, Twitter’s developers also designed an android app for their android users with complete features. You can download it through twitter’s main product website and after downloading it, you just need to sign in for future use. This app is easy to use and easy to access. You can tweet, retweet, share and download with it. This app works similar to Twitter’s main website and allows you to use every essential features with some complementary features of audio and video sharing.

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