What a Virtual Domain is Used For

Virtual DomainWhat is a virtual domain? When you combine a single server that supports more than one domain, it’s called a virtual domain. This type of virtual hosting is often used by commercial enterprises that are seeking a low-cost website hosting option.

If you have a business, no matter big or small, it is important to make yourself and your work visible on the Internet. It is extremely beneficial if you have a registered virtual domain name, since this quickly becomes an extension of your online identity.

There are various companies that provide virtual domain hosting services. Typically, virtual hosting companies provide registered domain names to clients. They also provide extra services like multiple domain names that map to the registered domain name, email addresses, and even website designing.

To exchange, edit, or upload any files on a host computer, you will require a ‘File Transfer Protocol’ (FTP) program as part of your control panel. Great hosting companies provide all these services with professional standards and great pricing, and that’s something to get excited about!

Virtual domain hosting comes with its inherent benefits such as:

  • Extensive technical support is provided by virtual domain hosting companies.
  • Very high security levels that keep your data safe from any hack attempts.
  • Flexibility: vary a plan, use numerous features, and keep costs low. You can vary your bandwidth, memory or disk space usage as per business demand, too.
  • Virtual domain hosting has an edge when it comes to gradation. You can easily upgrade your website without causing many ripples on any hosted website.
  • If you own a small or medium company with tight budget (and you do not want to loosen your purse strings too much) then virtual domain hosting would be a perfect solution for you. Also, if the traffic on your website is low it is wiser to go for virtual domain hosting.

There are a number of companies that you could look forward to for credible and efficient services.

Some of them are:

  • Inmotion hosting: located in LA, established in 2001, this company has come a long way. It has been awarded with A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and this company also has a very wide network of data centers. They are rated high in support and reliability parameters as well.
  • Myhosting .com: based in Toronto, Canada; this company was founded in 1997. It boasts of almost 50,000 customers. This company gains points when it comes to the numbers of options on offer, all with the same level of reliability.
  • Mediatemple: this company has been providing excellent hosting services since 1998. It is an expensive company compared to others, but it offers wonderful advanced features for all business sizes. Their data centers are very reliable and secure with N+1 redundancy backup.
  • 1&1 VPS Hosting: found in 1988, this company is managing over 19 million domain names. This company is known for its innovative web solutions, which are available at a competitive price. Its green data centers are also very secure.

Virtual domain hosting comes as a relief in these times of economic crunches, rising business costs, and technological advancements – all of which your business needs in order to shine!

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