Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Yesterday, AdWeek Magazine ran an article about peer to peer marketing that made a lot of businesses sit up and take notice. The fact is that peer-to-peer marketing is thriving. Companies (big and small) should really get in on this movement while they can. Whether you've just purchased that cheap hosting with domain package or you've been running your business for decades, here are some peer-to-peer marketing tips. connect with central hub Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Why Bother?

Peer-to-peer marketing works and it's free: two excellent reasons to sign up. Getting your clients to talk about your business for you is gold. Chances are that some of your clients are already talking about you, but it never hurts to amplify those conversations (or add a bit of fuel to the fire).

This type of marketing begins by building trust in your brand (something that major companies like Coca-Cola are excellent at). After building up trust, try your chances with social media tactics. Making social media sharing simple is a great way to encourage people to talk about your business. How can you do this?

Peer-to-Peer Marketing: Building A Social Media Presence

Actively pursuing a social media following takes more than setting up a Facebook page. People have to believe that there's someone behind that page (again, trust plays a huge part here). It's recommended that you entrust one person to run a page, so that your followers can become familiar with that one person's voice – we all sound different, even through social media, and your company's social voice should be recognizable.

Sharing as much information about your company as possible is also a great idea — just make sure it's information that your clients want to read about. Post photos of interest, engage in conversations, and talk back. If you do make a mistake – don't erase that comment or post.

Erasing only, well, erases the trust that people have in you. Made a major social mistake? Admit it, apologize, and leave the post alone. What else can you do other than build up a social presence?

Peer-to-Peer Marketing: Partner Up

The aforementioned AdWeek article suggests partnering up with a new social or peer startup. Startups need funding, support, and help from local businesses, and you can provide this (if you are already established). Team up with a peer-to-peer program that projects the same image you want to project. Share thoughts, ideas, and clients.

If your customers see that you are engaged and involved in new ideas, they will likely associate your brand with these concepts – more free advertising. Encourage peer-to-peer connectivity amongst your employees, on your website, with your clients — and even through your cheap hosting company.

How? Did you use a hosting company that is in line with your ideas (eco-friendly or otherwise?)? Let your clients know, and make the connection with some other peer-to-peer group. For example: if you went out of your way to find an eco-friendly hosting company, you could promote the services of a community car sharing service on your site too. See how easy peer-to-peer can be?

Got any other peer-to-peer marketing ideas to share? Please leave a comment below — or ‘ask and expert' if you have any questions about this concept!

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