Moving to the cloud / cloud migration  is a cost-effective idea. It's also an idea that can go terribly wrong if you aren't careful. Every day, companies make cloud moving mistakes. But, lucky you – you can avoid these mistakes like a really bad cheap hosting company. How? Just read below.

cloud migration1. Lack of Experience: Okay; you're not going to be a cloud guru overnight. It takes time to understand how the cloud works, but it's never good to jump into something without some kind of a knowledge landing pad. You don't have to know everything about the cloud, but it does help to understand how it all works. Need some more information? Check out this cloud hosting tips article.

2. Clear Goals: Remember creating that business plan way back when? Every step that you take your business in should go by a similar plan. Set clear goals. Why will the cloud help you? What do you want to get? Are your expectations realistic?

3. Look Before You Leap: Think you know what the cloud is all about? Make sure you do. Compare packages, find out what's included (and what's not included), and understand what you will be getting with a new cloud host.

4. Make Sure It's Secure: Security is a big concern when moving to a cloud. Find out what kind of security a company offers, if your files are really guarded, and whether or not a competing company offers better options.

5. Is It Really Cloud? Some companies are throwing around the “cloud” term…without any cloud offerings. Brush up on your cloud knowledge, and don't go for the latest buzzword just because you found a cheap hosting company that offers the world when it comes to the cloud.

Need cloud migration help? Ask away! We've placed a simple question and answer box below this page that you can use to gain all the information you need.

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