One of the biggest domain name registrars, Gandi, announced a pay-as-you-go option for the company's IaaS products. This form of payment seems like a good option, but will it really save your business money? Let's take a closer look at pay-as-you-go cheap hosting and cheap hosting with domain options.

Pay As You Go(PAYG) is an effective process of charging method. The charges based on used services, against an entire infrastructure. The processing carried out in cloud computing and meant for organizations and end users. PAYG permits the user to scale and customize computing resources which included software, storage and development platforms. PAYG is also known as Pay-As-You-Use, Pay & Go, Pay Per Use or Pay Per Usage.

Almost all large web hosts function on flat rate basis. It comprises of paying for all resources, even for those which never used by the client. Due to competition, hosts forced to oversell and add invisible limits. Most web hosting companies display cost per month. When the customer signs up for that service they actually come to know that what is the cost. Many times plans have cost yearly or 6 months. So users want to test company services, it becomes so hazy for users how to rely on the company. With Pay-As-You-Go smaller websites have a good opportunity to save money. Hence, no issues about large website regarding attaining invisible limits.

Will You Use All of Those Resources?

Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Hosting

Packages are appealing. Good things seem to come in packages, though it's only worth paying for all of those things if you're actually going to use them. Take a look at everything that a hosting company offers in any package you are thinking of purchasing, and then ask yourself: am I really going to use X, Y, and Z services? If not, a pay-as-you-go (or pay for what you use) option will work for you.

Possible Hassle

On the flip side, a pay-as-you-go plan might be a hassle. Would you rather pay one monthly flat fee for service, or would you be ok with those fees fluctuating regularly? Sometimes, trying to figure out how much you use per month can be confusing. If you don't have the time to handle the confusion, pay-as-you-go might not be the plan for you.

Knowing What You Want

Some cheap hosting companies will personalize your hosting experience. Do you know exactly what you need and want? Find a company that will cater to your needs. You might even be able to negotiate a monthly flat fee based on your existing needs and wants.

Weighing The Options

There are plenty of cheap hosting sites that offer pay-as-you-go options. Just make sure that these actually work out in your favor. If you think that you might go over the price of a monthly fee. Probably, a pay-as-you-go choice won't benefit you in any way.

The best way to decide is to try out a pay-as-you-go plan for a few months (two to three). At the end of that trial, compare each monthly cost with what you would pay for a package plan. You should see a difference between the two immediately. No difference? Does the package plan offer more options than the pay-as-you-go plan? If the answer is “yes,” a package is the way to go.

Need Help?

Do you need some help comparing pay-as-you-go sites? Hit the “Ask An Expert” button on this page, and I'll help you compare those packages and other deals.

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