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Namecheap Company Introduction

Namecheap is a web hosting company that was started way back in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall and it is best known for the cheap and affordable hosting services that they render to their customers. Namecheap aims at offering cheap web hosting services to clients and also offering them value-added packages that can help them adequately cater to the needs of the clients. Namecheap also goes a long way in offering great customer services to their clients such that they are among the leaders in the web hosting industry in terms of customer service.

An ICANN-accredited domain registrar and technology company

Est: 2000


CEO: Richard Kirkendall

NameCheap Achievements

Listed As Best Domain Registrar on Ananova and Many other Sites

Type Of Hosting Offered at Namecheap

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting

Namecheap Reputation

Since its inception in 2000, it has grown to be among the best company providing hosting services on Linux-based computers. Namecheap hosting is best renowned for its exemplary Linux hosting. On top of that, Namecheap holds a great reputation in the web hosting industry due to its great customer services and highly economical packages. in terms of performance, however, it has not made a name for itself in the industry.

What for Customers?

No. of Customers: 11 million domains under management

Namecheap Online Support

  • Live Support
  • Trouble Ticket
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

Features offered by Namecheap

It offers its users free domains along with a dynamic DNS, the Softculous Script installer which allows a user to install about 200 scripts such as Joomla, osCommerce, Word Press, and much more. There are several other features that Namecheap hosting offers and they are determined by the hosting plan that one subscribes to. For instance, on the value plan, the user gets up to 25 GB disk space and 1000 GB on the professional plan whereas disk space is unlimited on the ultimate plan.

In terms of bandwidth, it is unlimited on all three plans. Also on all the three plans, the c Panel is used as the control panel. The number of domains also varies depending on the hosting plan that a user is on. For instance, the number of domains that a user can host of the value plan is 5, 25 on the professional plan, and domains are unlimited on the ultimate hosting plan. The languages that are supported by the value plan are; PHP, CGI, JavaScript, MySQL support, SSI, and Perl. The professional plan on the other hand supports all those on the value package and Postgre on top of them. The ultimate package also supports the same languages on the value plan and Ruby on Rails as an additional one.

NameCheap SSL Certificate Services :

  • SSL Certificates starting at $10.00/ yr
  • Positive SSL : $10.00/yr
  • PositiveSSL Multi-Domain: $25.99/yr
  • InstantSSL: 24.88/yr
  • EV SSL : $58.88/yr
  • Essential SSL : $18.99/yr & More..

The company offers a 17% discount for new customers; furthermore, the price varies with extended periods as in a 2yr, 3yr, 4yr, and 5yr plan.

NameCheap Performance

The company offers a range of hosting plans for their clients, the first one is the basic hosting plan at 2.95$ a month, the professional hosting plan at 5.95$ per month, and the ultimate plan which ranges from 9.95$ monthly. All these hosting plans have been put in place in a bid to suit the various types of users. All the above plans have various features which go a long way to meet all the customer needs. The cheapest plan that Namecheap hosting offers ranges from 0.25$ monthly which is basically e-mail hosting and can go as high as 289$, which now becomes a fully managed dedicated server.

Namecheap Reliability

A user can have up to 50 e-mail accounts on the value plan, 100 on the professional plan, and unlimited e-mail accounts on the ultimate hosting plan. On top of that, the speed is good and thus does not disappoint the clients. Namecheap hosting however has a problem with its uptime as most of their clients have complained about it. On top of that, the lack of telephone support for users is another disadvantage that Namecheap has in comparison to competitors.

Customer Services of Namecheap

It offers exemplary customer service to its clients as even with the lack of telephone support on Namecheap hosting, users can still communicate via live chat or the ticketing system offered by Namecheap. Some of the services that are offered by Namecheap hosting include; e-mail services, offering SSL certificates, registration of domains, and web hosting. Namecheap has a great reputation in the hosting industry in terms of customer service.

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  • juhan says:

    namecheap is not the cheapest webhosting provider but there arevices are satisfactory and if i will look for the complete packake of domain registration +hosting+SSL+WHMCS the cost comes out is the cheapest under best but cheap web service providers that why i use them. but if there is any other would definately like to know

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