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Carbonite Company introduction

carboniteCarbonite is an backup service that is very easy to use and that mainly targets home based users though business accounts are also available for those businesses that need backup solutions, though it can not handle big businesses. Carbonite was founded in 2005 to offer online backup solutions to offer backup solutions to people from all over the world. It operates from multiple data centers in the US but has its headquarters in Boston.

Carbonite Basic Features

  • Automatic : Backs up continuously to the cloud.
  • Secure : Keeps files encrypted offsite.
  • Simple : Requires no extra wires or hardware.
  • Unlimited : Backs up all your computers, external hard drives & NAS devices.
  • Access : Lets you get backed up files anytime, anywhere.

Carbonite Reputation

Carbonite is a reputed online backup solution throughout the world that is suitable for home and office use along with small businesses. It is furthermore very easy to use and works very well especially for home and home office users. Carbonite backup however also also omits video backup thus preventing people who look to backup videos thus not the best for those backing up family videos and so forth.

Carbonite Features

Carbonite is an online backup solution that is especially perfect for home use or office use where there are 1-2 computers which comes with automatic online backup solutions for data at home and at the office. However, this online backup solution can also serve for business use where there are 3 or more computers can be covered. Here this backup service offers a server back ip such that clients data is safe from any kind of damage or loss. Carbonite online backup further ensures that its backup services are fully automated so that after setting up an account, clients do not have to do anything but sit and wait for the service to backup data. The home and home office backup service comes with three basic plans: the home plan that supports both Windows and Mac OS and has features such as access from anywhere and anytime along with automatic backups, ease in file recovery and U.S based support. The home plus plan that supports Windows and comes with all the features of the home plan and a mirror image backup and an external hard drive backup. The final plan is the home premier plan that supports Windows and has the features of the home plus plan along with a courier recovery service and automatic video backup. Business plans that Carbonite offers clients includes the business and the business premier plan that both support Mac and Windows OS and come with a variety of excellent features such as: access from anywhere at any time and ease in file recovery, a web-based dash board, automatic backups; files, videos,HIPAA compatible, free Valet install, US based support along with unlimited NAS devices, external drives and computers plus unlimited severs are included in the business premier plan.

Carbonite Performance

Carbonite divides its backup solutions into two; the home and home office plans and the business plans which have various features and allows clients to select the plan that best suits their needs. There are various features that come with the different plans thus ensuring great performance. This especially makes this online backup service ideal for both home and home office use along with small businesses to. Further more they operate from multiple data centers that are located in the United States and on top of that the data centers are state of the art and equipped with the latest technologies in the industry.

Carbonite Reliability

The system that Carbonite uses is automated thus ensuring that it works without any manual input from the clients thus works very well. On top of that it is very easy to use thus causing clients no complications of use.

Carbonite Customer service

The customer care team at Carbonite are at the clients disposal such that clients needs are adequately catered for throughout. Carbonite backup service aiming the home users mostly but also with business accounts available too. It is extremely simple to set up and within minutes you can have anything on your hard drive backed up to the cloud. While it could do with some extra business-related features to really attract big business clients we think it will be great for home users or very small businesses.

While doing the backup the carbonite will omit videos. Now we can understand why this if users begin to upload illegal content, but it prevents the majority of users being able to backup genuine videos that may have recorded from a special event like a birthday or family doo.

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