How to Make Your Cloud Company Stand Out

You and thousands of other hosting companies are now offering cloud hosting. So what? How are you going to make your cloud company stand out from the rest? What will set you apart? Check out these ways to make the cloud services your company is offering unique.

Security SellsHow to Make Your Cloud Company Stand Out

The number one reason why more companies and individuals don't switch to the cloud is a fear of a security breach. For some reason, the cloud seems entirely unstable to many. You can change this. If you can come up with cloud services that are more secure than all the rest, but it's not enough to simply state that your services are secure. You have to explain those security measures that you have in place.

Tell your potential customers what kind of security you have, how they can reach your security team, and what your security products can do for peace of mind. When it comes to cloud security, you can never have too much. In addition to security, your clients will want to know that you can be reached at all times.

How to Make Your Cloud Company Stand Out: Complete Accessibility

This one is tricky. If you are going to promise people that your customer service team will be available at all times, make sure you live up to that promise. You may even want to look into online customer support programs and services – as long as these people know your product inside and out! There's nothing worse (and we've all been there!) than getting a customer service person on the phone that doesn't know a thing about a specific product. Train your team well! It also helps to out perform the rest.

How to Make Your Cloud Company Stand Out: Performance Matters

Since there's such a high demand for cloud services, the packages you offer will have to be better than the rest. This means providing your clients with the most in performance. Upgrade your software and offer lightning fast speeds. This way, you can compete with the big names in cloud hosting like Amazon.

Along with that performance promise should also come some amazing prices. If you have the right performance capabilities in addition to unbeatable prices, it will be hard for your competitors to draw attention away from what you're offering.

You can stand out in the cloud. Offer potential clients service, security, and performance that isn't equal to the rest – but better than the rest. This is why some cloud hosting companies stand out and others fall very short.

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