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It would be simple just to write. Just writing without thinking of what keywords work best or how to choose the best niche keywords. But, this is the Internet. That means that someone has decided that keywords are important, and you better have a long list of those keywords. Plus, those keywords really better be the best available.

how to find Effective Keywords

So, um, how do you pick really great and really niche keywords? Or, why do you even want to choose niche keywords? The whole thing is confusing and frustrating and time-consuming, I know. Still, you should read through this if you have a blog about anything.

Testing, Testing – Test

Have you ever started to type a search phrase into Google, and then noticed that Google fills in the blanks for you? Sometimes those blanks are useful and sometimes they have nothing to do with your site. However, the phrases that Google fills in automatically are the phrases that people search for the most.

One way, then, to choose keywords is to try out some phrases through a quick Google search. Go ahead – try it now. Enter a word that has to do with your company, and see what Google pulls up for a search phrase or keyword. The phrases that you see (you can even go through ever letter of the alphabet) are long tail keywords, and those are gold.

Other Effective Keywords Search Methods

You can also try to think like a human – plug in phrases or ideas that actual humans might search for. It's also very important that you not pay attention to vanity keywords. What's a vanity keyword? Let me break that one down simply.

Vanity Keyword: hosting.

Why is this a vanity keyword? Because it's the one keyword that everyone in this hosting business is going to try and rank with. It's kind of like the golden nugget for web hosting companies seeking keywords, and it's completely vain to even go after that keyword. Instead, try something like: what is a cheap hosting website? Or, where do I find help with choosing a web host?

I'm also going to caution you against stuffing any article completely full of repetitive keywords. Sure, that stuff worked a few years ago, but it's most gone out the window. Instead of trying to find ways to rephrase the same old keyword over and over again, create a keyword long tail phrase that makes sense.

Letting Those Long Tails Really Stand Out

Do you want those long tail keywords to really stand out? Attach them to something. Like what? Like, a link that goes back to another post on your blog. If you can manage to find a niche keyword phrase, link it back to another post, and provide excellent content, you will have a winning combination.

Need some keyword help? Or help finding really awesome keywords? Don't hesitate to ask us – we are your experts when it comes to anything related to web hosting or SEO for your web hosting blog.

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