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Hosting Review Hosting-co-ukMost of the services provided by the company are very quick and easy to use. The software and the various applications are set up very quickly. The users can immediately start using the applications once they are set up. The best thing about this service provider is that the customers can make safe payments to the service provider. The services are priced between 2pounds a month to 20 pounds a month which is not too expensive for people to afford.

Profile Of The Company

It is quite interesting to note that company has not been around for a long time but yet it has  managed to secure a stable position in the webhosting industry. The company has already started to give other competitors stiff competition. The company started out  as a small fish in the ocean but today it is on the verge of dominating the industry; which goes to show that the company has good prospects.

Customer Service as Provided

The customer service by this company is very reliable. This company may have faced technical issues in the past that may have hindered its operations but overtime the company has overcome those issues and stepped up its services. To find out more on the services you can spend a little time and do some reading on the company in the various online forums.

To be honest this is a tricky part that has to be handled well by BigRock. Yet it has to be mentioned that this does not mean they have not improved. Their chat services may not be up to mark yet, but their technical support recently has undergone a massive change. Yes you can research on your own about this and see for yourself from the various forums that where they stand these days.


To understand the performance of the company you have to conduct a comparative study with some other service providers in the industry. So far there have been no serious complaints against the services provided by the company. The company also gives a full refund to disgruntled customers; which is plus point for the company’s image. This gesture has gone down very well with the general public.


As mentioned earlier the company has put in a lot of hard work in building a loyal customer base for itself. One thing is for sure when it comes to recommending web hosting service providers this company comes on top of the list.

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