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Looking for bulletproof web hosting? Look no further than Bulletproof Web Hosting. Yes, it's true: the Honolulu-based IT security company Secure DNA has just announced the launch of their new venture, Bulletproof Web Hosting. This will provide customers with an ultra secure option to turn to when looking for the best hosting company. secure DNA Bulletproof Web Hosting

Just how bulletproof is Bulletproof? The data centers operated by Secure DNA are protected with multiple levels of security. First, state-of-the-art security software protects the data. Security analysts work 24-7 to watch for different vulnerabilities, responding at once when a threat is spotted.

Their servers are compliant with all standards regarding service to high-risk industries — finance, banking, and healthcare to name a few — although anyone who takes security seriously can rely on their bulletproof hosting services.

Jason Martin, Secure DNA's president and CEO, knows the value this service will bring just about anyone. “This security is critical for any industry — from banking to bakeries — as well as both new and existing websites, which can be easily transferred to our secure servers,” he said. “It is the only service of this caliber in Hawaii, and it addresses a persistent and growing problem of security threats to critical websites.”

Bulletproof Web Hosting: About Secure DNA

The security specialist was founded in 2004, and offers clients a wide range of security solutions, as well as providing consulting and managed services. They boast clients in many industries: banks and federal credit unions; global retailers; startup and established technology companies; insurance companies; medical centers; universities; nonprofits; and even government agencies.

Secure DNA will monitor your network around the clock, watching for any threats, as well as manage it, too. This way, the performance of your network is top notch.

You can choose to have email routed through their data center as well. In this way, all emails go through their highly sensitive email protection system, powered by FireEye technology, in order to assure malicious emails don't even make it to your inbox.

According to the website, “Our talented staff has diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in a wide range of technologies. Our team consists of dynamic consultants with vast knowledge and experience in multiple industries and also possesses the ability to identify and comprehend the various processes within each line of business.”

If you want your website to be protected by the best, truly bulletproof hosting, Secure DNA offers you this with their Bulletproof Web Hosting!

Does the security of your data concern you? Does Bulletproof Web Hosting seem like a perfect option?

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