GoDaddy's Secret Formula

godaddy hostingGoDaddy news again today. The cheap web hosting giant has just purchased Media Temple. Over the past month, GoDaddy has purchased six companies. What's going on over there?

Why So Many Purchases?

Right now, GoDaddy has a somewhat niche market catering to web hosting clients. GoDaddy has sunk a lot of money into advertising and getting new cheap hosting clients, and that's the number one reason why so many people use and know about this company. So why would GoDaddy want to change a good thing? It it's not broke, don't fix it – right?

Not necessarily. GoDaddy is trying to expand the company's target market to include and envelope a number of different clients. This time around, purchasing Media Temple lets GoDaddy branch out into website services. Media Temple offers site building tools, and the company is also home to many different site owners, since Media Temple is a web hosting company as well.

That's Not All

Not only has GoDaddy purchased Media Temple, but the hosting company is also branching out where sponsorship is concerned. GoDaddy is currently sponsoring the Europa League, which is a really big deal amidst the sports world. In short, GoDaddy stands to make a lot of money through this sponsorship, and the company will also gain a ton of new recognition.

With Media Temple purchased and running, sponsorships of massive sporting events, and other acquisitions, GoDaddy is really carving out a name for itself in the hosting world. Even though GoDaddy has come under some fire for other issues in the past, this is one company that you'll want to pay attention to when it comes to building up your own cloud hosting or other brand.

GoDaddy Does It Right

If you are just getting started in the cheap hosting business, GoDaddy is one company that you'll want to pay closer attention to. You don't have to have GoDaddy's budget to see where this company is going – or to get great ideas for your own hosting business.

What will GoDaddy do next? It's hard to say, exactly, but it looks like GoDaddy is on a Yahoo-type spending spree where smaller purchases are concerned. If you use GoDaddy, I'd love to know what you think about this company's recent purchases. Or, let me know how you feel about the acquisition if you are a Media Temple customer.

As always, we're here to help you out with any cheap web hosting woes or review issues that you have. If you need help or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us! When it comes to web hosting, we're your number one source for reviews and news!

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