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HyperniaHypernia offers various gaming services with a focus on game servers, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers, voice servers, and web hosting. Hypernia also rents out gaming servers for those that are interested.

Let's take a closer look at what Hypernia has to offer.

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Hypernia offers a number of features including:

  • Large bandwidth and disk space
  • Powerful and quality gaming servers
  • Excellent network uptime
  • Remote location operation

Customer Support

As we've noted many times on this blog, customer satisfaction and service is the main objective of most hosting companies. It's also the number one thing that you want to look for when choosing a cheap web hosting company. Hypernia offers 24-hour technical support to all clients and customers. Thus far, few complaints have been logged where customer support is concerned.


Hypernia offers various types of services including:

Voice Servers: voice servers through Hypernia come with 24-hour customer support; rapid development of servers (you don't have to wait for hours for your server to come online); self-service portal that offers complete user control.

Game Servers: Hypernia game servers come with a number of games including Call of duty, Counter strike, Minecraft, Battelfield, Arma, Team fortress2, Terraria and many more. Users can choose from either a listener or dedicated server.

Dedicated Server: when compared to listener servers, dedicated servers are favorable. Why? With dedicated servers, multi-player gameplay is possible due to a high bandwidth capacity. Hypernia's dedicated server option comes with great uptime stats, a large amount of power, speed, and quality hosting – users can select from four different dedicated server packages.

Semi-dedicated Servers: Hypernia's semi-dedicated servers include instant deployment (upgrades and downgrades); real-time bandwidth graphs; free private network, web, and MySQL hosting; custom ISO install options, Tier 1 network and bandwidth providers; 1Gbit & 10Gbit Network Uplinks, LSI 9265-8i RAID Cards, Western Digital & Intel Storage and many more features.

Web hosting: web hosting is another thing that Hypernia does very well. Hypernia's web hosting packages are split into various types including:

  • Basic: $2.49 per month
  • Standard: $4.99 per month
  • Professional: $9.99 per month
  • Premium: $19.99 per month

With each plan comes a different amount of bandwidth, disk space, database, FTP accounts, e-mail accounts, sub domains, parked domains, and add on domains. Web hosting also comes with with 99.99% uptime guarantee, auto responders, anonymous FTP, AWStats, CGI, Cron, Curl, Catch Alls,e-mail alias, error logs, custom errors, dedicated IP, FFMPEG, fast CGI, FTP Accounts, GD 2, Image magick, Daily backup, IMAP Support, hotlink protection, frontpage, free module installation, c panel ,mail forwarding option, python, ruby on rails, SMTP Account, PHPH5, PHPMy admin, POP3 Accounts, referrer logs, password protected directories, mailing lists, private SSL, sub domains, web mail, webalizer, SSH, SSI, Web based file manager and much more.


This company has a lot to offer. Each package comes with various features, and the customer service coming from this company is top-notch. If you are looking for a cheap hosting provider or gaming hosting provider, Hypernia is one company that we recommend highly.

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