Company Introduction

visit fragnetFragnet offers game servers, voice servers, dedicated gaming servers, and other options. This company’s customers are from all over the world. Their network infrastructure is also very wide, having 11 data centres across the world. Their hardware is also of good quality and they ensure reliability and shows best performance in terms of their services, as their machines are using high-end enterprise components. Customer support is also top.

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Why this company?

Switching of game and location: The provider allows you to change or switch the location of your game server. You can also switch games.

Instant setup: Another benefit is after receiving your payment; your game server orders are set up instantly.

Sharing of expenses: The provider also offers you the tool to share the expenses of gaming services, which ultimately reduces your financial burden.

Quality of hardware: They offer very good quality hardware and they replace those machines that are not performing very well.

Networks: They offer networks with low latency and high quality internet bandwidth, thus they host fast and reliable game servers.

Use of control panel: users have complete control over panels, and this helps you to start or start a server instantly. Your server may have full access to FTP. You may also reinstall your server, as per your need in just one click.

Monitoring all the time: Hardware and software is monitored by this company 24-hrs a day. By this they ensure that systems are running optimally, and thus, you may have best gaming experience possible.

Services Offered

Game servers: Various games offer by the provider such as armed assault, babo violent, bad company, battlefield, call of duty and many more with various features such as free voice server, 24 hrs support, money back guarantee within 5 days and no branding.

Voice Servers: Voice servers are basically designed to fulfill the demands of small clans, massive communities or businesses. The voice-based services are so advanced that they enable your voice service to run without any issue. Features such as no codec restriction, web control panel, 99.99% uptime guarantee are offered.

Web hosting: different web hosting plans are offered such as phpMyadmin, backup wizard, SSL/TLS Manager, sub domains, POP3 E-Mail accounts, MYSQL Databases, cron jobs, Awstats, use of cPanel, softaculous, perl, ruby on rails., 24 hrs customer support and multiple free tools with data backup.

Dedicated Servers: a few dedicated servers are also offered by the provider such as Quadx3450, Quad E3-1230v2 and others with 1Gbps connection hosted on low latency gaming network. They offer features such at the nominal costs.

Virtual Private Servers: this is a virtualized server, which shares host systems with other users. It is secure and isolated and may be managed easily enough. It is very flexible to install software and configure applications. It offers features such as, Free OS reload, full control, upgrades etc.

Virtual dedicated servers: this company allows you to have full and unrestricted access to your server. It cost very less and offers you the same features, as offer by the VPS.

Customer Support

This company offers 24-hour technical support. Customer care reps are well qualified and well trained to handle any technical issue that may arise with client accounts. All reps have experience with more than 50 different games, and problems are resolved quickly.

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