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Counter StrikeCounter Strike is considered to be one of the best gaming server hosting providers available. This company offers various services and features that are hard to beat. Let’s take a closer look.

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  • Strong network: Internap bandwidth and top tier bandwidth are both offered to prevent server shut down or slowdown.
  • Switching of game and location: Counter Strike allows you to switch from one game to another and from one location to another without any additional cost.
  • Expense reduction: this company offers facility sharing, which allows you to share expenses with others. This helps to ease any associated financial burdens.
  • Fast Setup: game servers are set up quickly, so you don’t have to wait for hours.


Counter Strike offers unique services in order to target a niche market.

  • Game servers: the list of game servers offered by Counter Strike is long. But, the most popular options are tickrate, Counter strike source 500 FPS, Counter strike 1.6, Call of duty 4, Counter Strike 1.6 500 FPS, Call of duty: modern warfare 3, Garry’s Mod and others.
  • Ventrilo voice server: users receive 50% off of voice server options at purchase making this option cost-effective. It takes just a few minutes to set up, and this allows you to switch from one codec to different codecs and to other servers.
  • Dedicated Server: dedicated servers allow you to have complete control. You can install different games, on different servers, web hosting control panel, and others. It also allows you to choose the fps settings. Features such as single click mod install, 24 hrs game server support, 64 bit processors, and advanced network are all included.
  • HL StatsX Premium: HL StatsX is a web-based application providing real time statistical player details, and is fully compatible with various games.
  • Web hosting: this company offers web hosting which is basically meant for gamers and game servers with various features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, own sub domains, PHP4, PHP5, ASP.NET 2.0, MY SQL 5 Database, POP Mail, full FTP Access, AWStats and many more.


Various servers are offered by Counter Strike, and all of them include several features such as Clan donation system, instant setup of servers, 24 hrs expert or customer support, one click Mod install system, FTP access, Control panel access and few others. These features help the customer to enjoy and gain good experience with their games, web hosting and other services.

Customer Support

Without excellent customer service, no company could thrive. This is a notion that Counter Strike understands and lives by. This company provides 24-hour technical support as well as other types of support. Thus far, there have been no major complains about this company, and service appears to be top-notch.

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