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Are you looking for a web hosting company that has a heart? There are socially responsible options out there, doing more than just going green. Here is a list of some of the companies that give back.

Free Web Hosting: EthicalHost

Based in Toronto, Canada, this company offers a variety of affordable packages for your web hosting needs. 10% of Ethical Host's pre-tax profits go to social organizations and nonprofits that help animals, people, or the environment. They specify three causes that they are most passionate about: economic/social justice in Canada; world poverty and human rights; and environment and biodiversity. Why narrow it down? The company decided to focus on these three areas to assure that their donations are not diluted.

EthicalHost also takes the suggestions of customers into consideration. If multiple organization recommendations are made, that organization ranked higher on the list.

This hosting company decides which category each organization fits best, and then they decide which causes have the least administrative overhead. The organizations chosen end up on a list, so that customers can determine where money should be directed. The winner is removed from the list, and a new cause is chosen the following year.

In the 2011 tax year, ‘Covenant House of Toronto', ‘FLAP' (Fatal Light Awareness Program), and ‘Child Haven International' all received donations.

Free Web Hosting: Gaia Host Collective

This reliable web host co-op is owned 100% by its workers. They try (whenever possible) to purchase products and services from locally-owned businesses, as well as other co-ops.

Here's something you don't see every day: Gaia Host Collective accepts barter and local currency as forms of payment whenever possible. Got something to barter? Give it a shot!

25% of server resources are also donated to non-governmental and non-profit organizations. Gaia also offers a 10% ally discount for those organizations in need of a web hosting solution that are just as socially responsible, a 10% non-profit discount, and a 20%-90% discount for certain needy non-profits.

One of their clients, our world, sets up Hour Exchanges (time banks) in the United States and Australia. These banks are similar to a bartering service. Basically, you provide a service to someone in need and (rather than earning money), you earn time. You can then use this banked time for the services you need, spending it as you would money. hOurworld boasts 6,821 members in 86 hour bank groups in the US and Australia, who have provided and received a combined total of 588,641 hours of service.

Free Web Hosting: ThinkHost

Another cooperative web hosting company, ThinkHost, knows that it's important to give back. They don't list any donations made on behalf of their company, but  discounts are offered for certain non-profits and “progressive companies.” If you're a non-profit in need, there is a free web hosting option for community groups in the United States that champion social justice, the environment, or peace.

An added bonus: ThinkHost plants a tree for each new client. They provide web hosting services for a long list of clients, including ‘Californians for Alternatives to Toxics'. This non-profit was started in 1982 by people who felt the community deserved information pertaining to the hazardous chemicals, such as pesticides, that exist in the environment and alternatives to these chemicals to promote a cleaner overall environment.

Free Web Hosting

If you are a non-profit or organization in need of web hosting, but you don't have the upfront capital to spend, there are options available. Free web hosting certainly makes running a non-profit easier! Do web hosting companies that give something back to their community interest you? Would you feel better about paying a company like this? Provide your feedback by commenting below.

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