Company Overview reviewFlavors are good. Baskin Robbins has 31 of them, and is an amazing way to set up a really great looking site in no time. If you're tired of WordPress or you just want something different, offers a cheap hosting alternative and a fast way to put up a site.

User Friendliness

When I first visited the page, I noticed right away that it was simple to sign up for this service. All I really had to do was click the ‘Get Started' tab (the bright pink one), and enter my email, username, and password details. Facebook and Yahoo signups area also a possibility.

From there, I was taken immediately to a blog-type screen that included a ton of different options and information. Stuff like: about me details, name information, how to add content, and other bits that you might want to add to a blog.

Clicking on any one of the buttons listed to the left or right of the screen made adding user information simple, and I was able to create a neat looking website in minutes. The site also includes social media buttons that let you connect and share what's happening in your social media world in minutes on your site (kind of like Rebelmouse).


It really only took me a few minutes to create a site using Even though this site doesn't include my own domain name (and I probably wouldn't use it as a work site), it's a great way to set up a blog in seconds. Plus, it's a heck of a lot easier than going through complex code or trying to work out a different type of site (it's also an alternative to WordPress).

Cost to Upgrade allows you to set up a really fast site that features everything about you people might want to know or see. However, this site doesn't let you set up your own URL unless you upgrade to the next level, and that will cost you $20 per year.

I found this site to be rather user-friendly, and it does provide a great way to set up a quick blogging site. However, is probably not the course you want to go if you are seeking a business site that might get a lot of traffic.

Other Details also offers users a mobile version of the site, and that's a really nice added bonus. Plus, upgrades are affordable enough, and you can view stats in real time (so you can see who's checking out your site regularly).


It was somewhat difficult to customize my site completely. It does take a bit of work to become familiar with the layout and setup of this site, and that might frustrated some users that are looking for a simpler way to get a site in order.

Another drawback is that if a user wants to connect a account with a different link that's not available through the site, there's no way to make that happen.

Conclusion is a great way to set up a new website. This site includes affordable features, real time stat tracking, and some customization options. Plus, updating is relatively inexpensive. If you want to set up a site, isn't a bad way to go.

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