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E-commerce ventureImagine conducting a business transaction over the Internet in one minute. How much would that cost? A study conducted by Emerson Network Provider showed that the cost is around $5600 per minute.

WordPress and other content management systems have changed the web development industry. With thousands of templates and frameworks, websites can be created very quickly. Websites are not just brand representations, they have become complete markets, where users can buy anything from household items to electronic goods.

E-commerce business is growing, too. People are moving away from brick and mortar shops towards websites. The development of the latest technology is also one of the reasons for this; people are now viewing websites from a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets, and the original desktop option.

Users do a lot of things on websites, so ease and convenience are important aspects of all sites. Since site response time is vital (users won't stick around very long if a site is slow!), techniques like CDN help to move the process along. In addition to speed, a site's design is also very important. Prior to the Internet, a business's physical location really mattered. Now, physical location is still important, but anyone can set up a very appealing website that quickly attracts clients.

Your e-commerce venture should connect to the emotions of the visitors. It should create an urge to have it. For that, you need professional website design, user-friendly structure, responsive and easy navigation system.

E-commerce venture: What Site Visitors Really Want

Today's E-commerce owner expects a lot from a website. The following things are the most important site details:

  1. Sites must be hosted with a trusted web hosting company.
  2. Top site security
  3. Monitoring tools that are easy to use.
  4. The option to move to dedicated hosting for peak times.
  5. Limited downtime.
  6. SSL certification – customers want to trust a site!
  7. Numerous payment options including Pay-pal and other options.
  8. Around the clock site monitoring to prevent any kind of hacking issue.

Advice for the ECommerce Owner

You've worked hard to build a reputation, you've spent money on a great site design, and you have spent time researching various website options. So, make sure that you choose an amazing web hosting company – otherwise, all of your other efforts won't be worth it!

Need some help with web hosting? Just give us a call, use our online real-time chat option, or send us a note. We are here to help make your hosting company selection smooth!

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