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What do you do if you just want a simple and cheap web hosting solution? What if you don't need any frills and aren't interested in learning scripts? Do you have to fork over a ton of cash to find a decent user-friendly web hosting option? Not quite. There's a rash of easy cheap web hosting choices available today. Here's a rundown of the best available.


Dropbox is easily one of the best inventions ever. Where else can you drop a file, share that file, and even make correction to the file while other people make corrections too? Dropbox is the one tool that you want (no, need) to have if you collaborate on any projects.

WPLogo Simple Web Hosting OptionsDropbox can also be used to host a single file. How? With a bit of trickery (or good old know-how). To trick Dropbox into hosting a file for you, create a Public Folder in Dropbox. Then, drop your file into that folder. Next, right click the Homepage file on your PC, and copy the URL. That's it! How simple was that? But, wait, there are other easy and cheap web hosting options.


Wait, what? Why is Tumblr on this list? Because, my friends, Tumblr can act as a simple, fast, and easy way to build a website. Most people view Tumblr as more of a blogging tool, but it's also a good and cheap web hosting tool. Do you want to know the great part? Tumblr is completely free to use. This site also comes with a site building wizard, so you don't need to know any code.

The one drawback to Tumblr is that support is limited. So, use this site if you want a simple site setup, and you plan to run a simple site. If you want to run something much more complex and you use Tumblr, you will be out of luck when support is needed.


A lot of people like Weebly. This site is popular for a few good reasons. If you own your own domain (you really should), Weebly will provide free domain hosting. Weebly also has a great blogging tool, is beyond user-friendly, and comes with excellent support.

The drawbacks to Weebly include restricted e-commerce features, and advertisements if you opt for the free version. Keep in mind that allowing ads to appear on your site might annoy your customers. To go the ad-free route, you will have to pay $3.99 per month. A word of advice: don't purchase your domain name through Weebly, since this site's prices are higher than most.


WordPress might be one of the original blogging platforms, and it's still seen as such. But, WordPress has largely grown into a respectable CMS. WordPress is bursting with SEO options, plug-in, and all kinds of other goodies. You can also move your site to your own host if you so desire.

WordPress is free to use if you don't mind those pesky ads. If you want to get rid of the ads, the cost to use WordPress ad-free is $41.97 per year. You can also choose custom designs through WordPress for $3.50 per month.

Simple Web Hosting Options: In Conclusion

Which cheap web hosting site is the best in this list? It really depends on what your needs are. WordPress and Tumblr are ridiculously user-friendly, but will bombard your customers with ads. Dropbox is a simple solution to hosting one public file, and Weebly definitely has its place if you're looking for a simple solution.

Determine what your hosting requirements are before settling on one of these options, but rest assured that you don't have to pay a lot for great and cheap web hosting!

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