Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies

 Creatively Named Web Hosting CompaniesJust as with a business, there are some highly creative names in the world of web hosting companies. Some are clever, while others make you scratch your head, wondering who in their right mind came up with such a name.

The following is a compilation of the best of the best when it comes to strange and shocking names of web hosting companies.

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: http://www.InternetTrash .com

ilogoAs the name suggests, this is the place for the website covering trash. Their website boasts it is “the only place for trashy, tasteless, useless, politically incorrect, silly, stupid, meaningless, obnoxious, waste of bandwidth homepages.” Of course, they say that “normal and ordinary” homepages are free to sign up, but would you really want your normal homepage hosted by Internet Trash ? Probably not.

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.amenworld .com

amenThis site has nothing at all to do with religion. In fact, their slogan is “In web we trust.” Additionally, an image pictured on the site shows a man with upturned face, arms outstretched towards the sky, in an obvious gesture of “Hallelujah, I have a web hosting company !”

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.Yupapa .com

A Hong Kong web hosting company offering a variety of hosting packages, not to be confused with ‘yumama'.

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: GoDaddy

Yes, they're everywhere, and one of the biggest names in web hosting currently. But seriously, who chose that name ?

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.FatJackHosting .com

They aren't around anymore, but this company did exist at one point. Did they cease operations because of their name ?

Don't worry, you won't catch anything big at ‘Minivds'. Just the mini ones.

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: Animal-related Names


There are a slew of names inspired by animals, and they really aren't pretty. ‘LaughingSquid' might sound kind of cute, but what about ‘BigWetFish' out of Northern Ireland ? Sounds smelly.

‘ScreamingPeacock' might be a reference to the speed of their hosting service, but it just sounds like an obnoxious bird.

Head to ‘FatCow' for “udderly fantastic web hosting.” Ugh.

Some other doozies : ‘AtomicFrog', ‘FlyingCroc' ( wait, crocodiles can fly? ), and ‘BigBirds' (does this site host Sesame Street's webpage ? )

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: The Overpromised Space Names

‘MegaGiga' must offer up a lot of space, but not more than ‘ExaBytes'. The exa- signifies 1018, or one Quintilian bytes. Now THAT'S a lot of storage space. (If only it were true.)

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: www.HowdyNeighbor .com

This web hosting company just has to be owned by Ned Flanders, Homer Simpson's neighbor. Rumor has it he had to shorten the name from ‘HiDiddlyHoNeighbor'. Glen Quagmire of Family Guy is contemplating jumping into the game as well with ‘GiggityGiggity'.

Creatively Named Web Hosting Companies: Foodies

If your diet is lacking potassium, rely on ‘BananaHosting' to fail miserably. Trying to improve your diet overall? ‘CyberSalad' can't help you one bit. They're both web hosts, silly.

What goes best with your peanut butter ? Try .au or http://www.JamRoll .net.

webIronically Named Web Hosting Companies

Something you typically try to avoid when using your computer : ‘PowerSurge', '00server' seems it is inadequate to get the job done. No one wants an addict web host, so why would they go to ‘Crankithosting' ?

There is something to be said about choosing a name for your web hosting company. Of course, you want the name to stick, and maybe that's why GoDaddy is so big right now (of course, that could be because of spokeswoman Danica Patrick as well.) Although a shocking name will stick with people, it can still be so shocking it drives clients away.

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