Cloud Fingerprint Technology

Cloud Fingerprint Technology

Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S is quickly gaining attention for the phone's fingerprint security feature. Not only is this type of security a great development in the smartphone world, but fingerprint security may be applicable to businesses soon enough.

What Cloud Fingerprint Technology Means

Essentially, fingerprint security means that a new kind of two-step authentication process has become available. Since security is a really important part of running any business, it makes good sense to implement fingerprint technology if this type of security works well with the iPhone, that is.

There are all kinds of possibilities here too. Businesses could ask employees to identify themselves using fingerprints instead of passwords, and this would make it harder to hack into someone's system in a fraudulent manner. So, the future of your cheap hosting company could look a lot different if fingerprint security becomes widespread. Is this type of security infallible?

Some Possible Downsides

It may seem as though the only way to access someone's fingerprint secure system is through a bloody and messy manner. But, that's not the case. Think about all those crime scenes that are loaded with fingerprints. Or, think about the things that you touch daily. Your fingerprints are everywhere, and it's relatively easy to gather up a print.

Still, fingerprint technology is a lot more secure (and faster) than password technology. For the purpose of iPhone usage, fingerprint security makes accessing a phone faster, but it could make accessing your company files simpler too.

The Hosting Future

Right now, things in the cloud world look unstable. With the NSA news, people are worried that cloud environments aren't safe (and this could be true). But, think about how much more secure those sites could be if they were fingerprint secure. It's a mind-blowing notion, isn't it? It's also one that makes a good deal of sense, but the rest of the technology world won't go ahead with this security feature until Apple proves that it is perfected.

Needless to say, all eyes are on the upcoming 5S to see whether or not fingerprint security is a perfected technology that's ready to use, or if it's something that's best reserved for James Bond movies.

What do you think about this new security feature? Is fingerprint technology something that you will quickly adapt once it comes out? Would you prefer a cloud that were secured with fingerprint identification? Let us know what you think about this concept below.

Photo By Jack Spades Via Flickr Creative Commons

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