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holiday themed hosting Prepare Website For Holiday SuccessNoticed the tech-related holiday promotions and offers? And it's only September! Did you know that these tech companies know exactly what they're doing? Budgets are tight in households all over the world, and people are looking to get a head start on gifts for loved ones. Tech gadgets are always a winner when it comes to gifts.

Did you know that your hosting company could benefit from a holiday hosting promotion or two? And you don't need Apple's marketing budget to be successful! Let's explore a few ways to take advantage of the holiday rush.

1. Design

Yes, the design of your website can be one easy way to get customers thinking about the holidays. Throw a candy cane or two on there along with a Christmas tree, a picture of a pile of presents, or a menorah. Make your holiday hosting promotion promotions deals easy to find by including a banner covered in holiday images.

2. Discounts

Create special holiday hosting promotion just for the holidays. There are many ways to do this creatively: a special graphic that a user clicks to receive 25% off the first three months of a shared hosting plan for example; “The 12 Days Of Hosting” or something to that effect, where you choose a new deal to offer each day in the twelve days leading up to Christmas; offer special Facebook deals; and many others. You could even run a “Share the Gift of Hosting” promotion, where customers refer new customers to your hosting company, earning them a reward of some form.

3. Sponsor a Holiday Event

This is a great way to get new  business! You'll get publicity in your area leading up to the event, and meet many potential clients at the actual event. Offer coupons to raffle off, people love this!

4. Donate To Charity

It isn't always about giving your customers a deal. Customers love working with companies that give back to the community in some way. Make a donation to charity, even more effective if you find a charity near and dear to your industry.

Prepare Website For Holiday Success: Some worthy tech charities includes

‘One Laptop Per Child' is a charity that envisions a world like their name. With every child possessing a laptop, the doors open in terms of education and empowerment.

Another option, ‘Nonprofit Technology Resources', is a Philadelphia-based charity offering refurbished computers at low prices for those who couldn't otherwise afford them, while at the same time giving people a chance to learn the trade of working on computers.

‘Computer Aid International' is another charity similar to it, based in the UK. Geeks Without Borders is another fun charity, providing donated computers to places in need, worldwide.

Don't forget to hype up the charity in your email newsletter!

5. Put Pinterest To Work

Have a holiday contest, where users have to search your Pinterest boards for certain items, a scavenger hunt of sorts. Don't have a Pinterest account yet? You can do the same with your website or Facebook page. Have them search for facts, specific pictures, or hide holiday-related images in your web pages.

Is your hosting business ready for the holidays?

Photo From N1NJ4 Via Flickr Creative Commons

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