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Coming up with an idea for a hosting company is a challenge. The space is already dominated by major companies like GoDaddy and Amazon. Who can compete with Amazon, right? Well, maybe you can. It all depends on how you look at it, and looking at various angles doesn't happen enough. So, I'm here to help you out with where to find new ideas for a web hosting company.

Ideas: The Bane of Content Existence

Content managers wrangle with this every day. Where do I come up with new ideas?! Yet, startups pop up like clockwork. Where the heck do these people get their ideas? And, furthermore, how can I come up with something that the hosting world has never seen? Don't companies like Amazon have entire boards for these kinds of brainstorming sessions?

Kind of. You see, you have an advantage over those companies because they, unlike you, have a cushy job where thinking doesn't necessarily equate a no-pay situation. In other words: if you don't come up with a great hosting idea, you won't have a business, and you won't get paid – but they still get that pay-cheque.

Hunger is often the best motivator.

Hosting Company Idea: Where to Find Ideas

The formula is simple enough: think of a real problem, and then create a great solution. What are some of the problems in the hosting world right now?

  • A lack of transparency: does any hosting company tell the truth about real uptime?
  • Too large too soon: maybe creating a smaller niche company is better?
  • Those horrible currency miners: no currency miners allowed?
  • Non-ethical hosting: make yours answer to a higher calling?

The ideas are all there, you just have to think of ways to solve those issues. You could set up a program that lets people see your uptime stats in real-time. You won't project 99% uptime all the time, but that's okay. You can show the world that you will tell the truth about uptime – heck, a whole marketing campaign could be built around it. Or, you may have another idea that you want to develop. The trick is to find that one thing that no other hosting company does and then do it.

Hosting Company Idea: Reading and Making Sure

There are a ton of articles on this site about setting up your hosting company. What you need, how to do it on the technical side, and other bits of information can all be found right here. The next step after coming up with that great idea is implementing it, and that will take a good amount of research on your end.

Have you had any great ideas lately? Noticed any real issues with problems that you might be facing? Maybe you can turn those into great hosting company plans, and you can build out your hosting company in no time. There's no real trick to startup up a hosting company. You just need tenacity, courage, and an idea that hasn't been done before.

Got an idea that you need help with? Leave a comment below.

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