Small Hosting Company or Big Hosting Company

Small Hosting Company or Big Hosting Company

Are there any major differences between small web hosting companies and their larger competitors? Most people will gravitate directly towards the larger hosting companies simply because they are well-known. But, you might be doing yourself a disservice if you go for bigger over smaller. Why?

The Advantage of a Small Hosting Company

Small hosting companies don't have the same budget that larger companies do. Because of this fact, small companies have to work a lot harder for your business. This is a good thing. Where the difference really comes into play is with customization. Massive hosting companies provide users with a general technical support help line, but that's about it.

Companies that need to work hard for your business tend to provide each new client with a one-on-one customer representative. This rep will go over your hosting needs and offer you some options that will really help to better your business.

In some cases, you might need direct hosting over shared hosting, and sometimes the cloud is really not the answer. A personalized customer service rep can help you sort out the right kind of hosting for your business.

Small Hosting Company or Big Hosting Company: Finding a Niche Company

There are plenty of niche web hosting companies out there (we've covered some cheap web hosting niche companies on our site). If you are running a specific type of business, you may find that a niche company is exactly what you need. Niche hosting companies may be able to provide you with hosting services and features that pertain directly to what you are trying to do. This is something that can't be achieved by opting for a larger host.

There's also the location factor to consider.

Small Hosting Company or Big Hosting Company: Close to Home Is Best

We've said it time and again: the location of your web hosting company matters. If there's a hosting company that's local to your area, this company is likely to provide services that are far superior to the services a larger company can provide. Plus, you'll be dealing with a company that operates on your own turf, and this can be a great advantage.

While larger hosting companies have the advertising budget to capture your attention, don't divert that attention from the small guys. Just like your favorite mom and pop pizza shop, a smaller hosting company can provide you with the tastes and flavors that you want. Why settle for a cookie-cutter hosting company when you can have it your way?

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