Genu Hosting develops the best CMS When the Internet first arrived, website building was tough since it required sufficient CSS and HTML knowledge. However, the scene today is quite different with content management by companies like Genu Hosting. This company allows users to build websites within a very short period of time. Quite unlike the days of old!

Before we get into the things that Genu Hosting offers, let’s go over the basics of content management. Essentially, content management systems allow you to control a website without having to hire an IT specialist or someone who knows their way around code. For obvious reasons, this type of management system can save you a ton of money. What is CMS? CMS is also known as ‘Content Management System.’ This is an application that is used to manage the content of a website. The good news is that you can do all of this without having any knowledge in HTML. You simply have to log onto the application and you can get started right away. Why choose Genu Hosting over other CMS companies? Here are some good reasons.

  • Complete website control
  • Easy setup and change system
  • Additional page generation without any problems or troubles
  • Better client communication
  • Fresh and updated site looks
  • Simple display and other changes can be made easily

Genu Hosting Security Features When we think of a website, the first thing comes to mind is security. Without the right security measures in place, setting up a site is risky business. Here’s what Genu Hosting provides when it comes to security features:

  • It is easy to purge the cache files in the cache/directory from the admin section.
  • Latest version of GENU has fixed multiple SQL injection vulnerability.
  • Possibility to purge the cache files in the cache/ directory from the admin section.

Genu Hosting Recap Genu Hosting is a CMS that is written with the help of PHP. Database servers such as Sqlite, PostgreSQL, and MYSQL are used for storage purposes. Customization is simple and easy thanks to helpful templates, and GENU supports multiple languages too. Headline generation, HTML tags, Bbcodes, Smilies Support, news functions, search engines, administration interface, polls, bulletin boards, user management and article management are all excellent features that Genu Hosting provides as well. In short, Genu Hosting receives two thumbs up.

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