Backblaze Company introduction

backblazeBackblaze has been in the hosting industry for the past three years and is currently performing quite well. Backblaze is an on-line backup company which allows for clients to backup their data on-line and still access it safely.

Backblaze Reputation

They have a great reputation for offering great speeds along with reliability in hosting, feature rich services along with outstanding customer support. Further more, the company uses a very simple interface which makes it very easy for clients to store their data and manage it.

Backblaze Features

Backblaze company offers some interesting features, for instance the fact that its set up is very simple and it comes with an unlimited amount of storage space, unlimited storage per PC and continuous backup monitoring. On top of that, it allows for versifying but does allow for archiving and one can also locate a missing computer. However, clients are not able to exercise a lot of control as regards to what is being backed up and when it is being backed up. It also does not allow for OS folder migration and there is also no file sharing. Restore downloads are also not encrypted and there are slow up loads by default. Clients at Backblaze are entitled to unlimited as it backs up any type or size of file and comes with an automatic throttle that brings about efficiency in internet bandwidth use along with a faster transfer speed thus small files can be backed up faster. Some other features include: automatic backups, forgotten backups, unlimited backups, PC failure, water and fire damage, theft, files encrypted, off-site backups along with many other great features. The company uses a very easy to use and simple interface that anyone can use without a lot of problems. Other features are unlimited data, external drive support, military-grade encryption, continuous backup, iPhone Mobile App, Free Web Restore, restore to USB hard drive and flash drive and supports up to 11 Languages.

Features of Backblaze

1. Unlimited File Size

Backup any file type and any files size. Even the largest and longest HD movies can now be backed up.

2. Automatic Throttle

Use the Internet bandwidth you have most efficiently. Switching between fast and slow connections? Backblaze automatically adjusts the speed of backups.

3. Faster Transfer Speed

While Backblaze has always provided unlimited bandwidth, v2.0 now batches many small files into a few large packages, enabling small files to be backed up more than 25 times faster.

Backblaze Performance

It however lacks access to mobile apps and file sharing along with a lot of other features that its competitors offer and so does not perform as great as it could. It uses v2.0 batches that allow for smaller files to be backed up faster, up to 25x faster.


Backblaze Reliability

The company is fairly reliable in terms of the security measures that are put in place to secure clients data but is quite reliable when it comes to backup speed and the features that it offers clients.

Backblaze Support/ Customer Service

The company's customer care desk can be accessed by clients from all over the world regardless of what time of day or night it is, 24/7, all year round. The technical team always on standby to look into any problem that client may experience and they are very fast in dealing with such technical difficulties.

Backblaze  Plan Specifications

Features Backblaze Online Backup
Price $4.17 /month
Unlimited Backup Yes
Offsite Backup Yes
Automatically Finds Files Yes
Files Encrypted Yes
Backup When PC Not Used Yes
Backup on Convenient Schedule Yes
Backup When Traveling Yes
Recover Remotely Yes
Data Protected From
PC Failure Yes
Virus Yes
Theft Yes
Fire Yes
Water Damage Yes
Earthquake, Natural Disaster Yes
User Error Yes
Forgotten Backups Yes
Between Backups Yes

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