Uninstall Vipre antivirus from your computer

Now you probably know that Vipre antivirus is a great software that helps to remove all kinds of viruses, spywares and malwares from your computer system. Before we go any further about how you can uninstall Vipre antivirus we should educate ourselves on what a virus is.

Viruses are nothing but bad programs that are specifically designed to wreck the functioning of a computer system. Now obviously you would not want your computer to start malfunctioning because of a virus. Now it is no secret that the market is filled with numerous antivirus, you can buy antivirus online or even download them for free. However you should note that the free versions have very limited features in them.

Now before you go ahead and buy an antivirus you should first find out the operating system that is installed in your computer; as you must know some antivirus software works with certain operating systems. You should also make sure that the operating system installed on your computer is the latest version. Try to buy an antivirus from a well known manufacturer, now if you go for Vipre antivirus you will not feel the need to look elsewhere at all. This software is very effective in providing your computer with steady protection against viruses and malwares and even certain spywares. The installation process for this software is not tough at all but the removal procedure is not at all easy so you should pay close attention to it.

Uninstall Vipre antivirus from your computer

Uninstall Vipre antivirus from your computerWell now that you have learnt a little bit about Vipre antivirus let us now take a look at the process for removing this software from your computer. You can use a software called Quusoft uninstaller to remove Vipre antivirus from your computer.

  • You must remember to start the booting process in the safe mode and you must keep the F8 button pressed during this.
  • Then you must not forget to run Quusoft uninstaller and click on the option Force uninstall. You will find this option located in the primary interface of Vipre antivirus.
  • After you take care of the above you have to click on the ok option and then you can move ahead with the un installation process.
  • You are then allowed to delete any shortcut related to Vipre antivirus
  • After that you have to delete all related folders from the Cdrive
  • You must also take care to clean up your recycle bin to remove traces of the software.

Once you have taken care of the steps mentioned above you will have no trouble at all in removing Vipre antivirus. Well to summarize things this software is quite good and has a plethora of features that lets you protect your computer to the fullest. The software does not take up too much of your hard disk space; you can install this software on your computer without having to worry about the performance. So follow all the tips given in the article to get the best results.

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