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Norton AntivirusIn today’s world computers have become a very vital component as it helps us to complete some of the most complicated and challenging tasks on a regular basis. We are all very dependent on the computer to do important work. All sections of the society depend or use the computer to do various jobs.

We get many benefits from using the computer, but unfortunately there individuals or groups that create certain computer programs to disrupt or totally destroy the functioning of a computer. These people create viruses that cause a lot of harm to the computer when the users open them by mistake. Software experts are constantly trying to make changes in the operating software to safeguard against such viruses. The experts are working to add new and improved features to the computer systems for both commercial and personal usage. There are countless ways to combat these viruses. Norton antivirus is one such program that is highly effective in reducing threats posed by viruses.

A company called Symantec Corporation developed Norton Antivirus. This program will detect any virus and remove it instantly thus giving the computer system the ultimate protection it needs. You can buy this as a separate product. It can be installed in the computers very easily. This is also sold as a separate component of some other Norton programs.

This was first available in the year 1990. This program was incorporated along with its rival CPAV. Just like any other antivirus Norton Antivirus this program pays special attention to the malwares, keyloggers, worms, spyware and viruses. The Software has advanced features that can combat the above mentioned threats with a lot of ease. The software scans the entire system every time you switch the computer on; this is a feature that is well appreciated by the users.

This program prevents viruses and other harmful programs from going deep into the system of the computer and corrupting the operating software. The Antivirus keeps working without causing any disturbances to the working of the computer. You can pretty much do everything on your computer from downloading music, software or just surfing the internet. The software does not even slow down your computer in any way.

The newest edition of the software was released in 2008. This antivirus ranks among the top ten antivirus that are sold in the market. As a customer you can order the software for a trial period of fifteen days. The product is not that expensive it is priced at about $40 dollars it is completely worth it when you look at the features you get to use to protect your computer. To use this software you need to have Windows vista or Windows XP. The software was released in the market for sale on 30th of july 2008.

Google Trust on Encrypted Websites

It is perceived that Google is pushing down unencrypted websites in the search list. Symantec launched Encryption for Web Hosting Companies, for better security and safety for web hosts and their clients claiming 100% data security.

 Norton Antivirus Conclusion

Since computer users are facing complicated problems regarding the viruses, this product is being constantly improved. So by now you have understood that Norton antivirus is a very important program with a lot of benefits.

Key Selling Points

  • The world’s leading cyber security company
  • World’s largest civilian cyber intelligence networks protecting against most advanced threats
  • Services Offered:

Services Offered
Website security

  • Security for websites, data, and applications with SSL/TLS, certificate management, vulnerability assessment, WAF/DDoS, malware scanning
  • Strategic and integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud, and infrastructure
  • The Norton Secured Seal and Symantec Seal-in-Search assure customers they are safe to search, browse, interact, and buy.
  • Offer the promise of a safe and trusted Internet experience across all websites and applications.

Symantec™ Endpoint Protection Cloud

Secures laptops/ desktops/ Mac/ Windows Server/ Android/iOS devices. The SEP Cloud is easy to use security-as-a-service that protects and manages PC, Mac, mobile devices and servers from a single console. Its an ideal solution for organizations with limited IT security resources. The solution quickly protects endpoints by stopping today’s ransomware, zero-day threats and other sophisticated attacks using advanced multi-layered technologies including advanced machine learning and behavior analysis.
Trial Version: 30 days

Target Customers: Organizations, Governments, and Individuals

No. of Customers: 50+ million people

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