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gdata G data antivirusG data antivirus is a software that runs a scan on all the files present in your computer, the software will then mark certain programs which may seem to have viruses and then notify you so that you may remove them from your computer once and for all. This software will always carry out check on your computer to  locate viruses  especially when you are using your email. The constant scanning process will allow the software to locate viruses within the shortest time possible. This software runs a scan on your computer from time to time just to make sure that everything is OK.

Now G data antivirus will use a couple of methods to scan viruses in your computer. One of the methods used by the software is to run a check on your files to verify if any one of them matches the virus. The other method is to notice any activity that is considered to be abnormal.

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G Data Security Provides

  • G Data Antivirus for Windows : compatible with Window XP (32 bit only), Windows Vista, Windews 7 & Windows 8
  • G Data Antivirus for Mac : enhance total security for mac with it.
  • G Data Antivirus for Android : Maximum Protection for Your Android 2.1, tablet, smartphones

The good thing about this software is that it has an updated definition for virus. It is no secret that new viruses are coming into existence everyday; so keeping that in mind the software has been designed to capture any virus that tries to cheat its way through the computer’s defence.

When you decide to perform a scan your basically instructing the antivirus software to run a check on each file that is present in the computer. With this software you can also select a specific drive to run a check through. The soft ware will go through each and every file on your computer and try to find a match with its own database. Now if a match is found then G data antivirus will delete the file immediately. However before deleting the file the software will give you the option of repairing the file by removing the codes that have infected them in the first place.

With the G data antivirus you can actually specify an action when a corrupted file is located. You can quarantine the files so that the other files are not corrupted; this is an effective way to prevent the virus from spreading out. G data antivirus locates a virus by looking for abnormal activities. Since this software constantly scans your computer for abnormal behaviour you will get the best protection possible even from recent viruses.

How does the database in G data antivirus work?

The database is updated from time to time with the newest of virus threats that seem to trouble people. The company update the definitions of viruses so that the software will protect your computer from the virus. This software is one of the fewest software that have this feature in it. So you see that installing  G data antivirus is a worthy investment indeed.

You can download this software for free or you can even pay for it. It is best to go for the paid version as you can then use all of the features to protect your computer to the fullest.

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