Best Cloud-Based Developer Tools

urban airship Best Cloud-Based Developer ToolsLooking for some of the best cloud-based developer tools? The selection is a bit overwhelming, right? You're sure to have a few favorites that you already use, but there may be one or two in this list that you haven't heard of yet. Take a look.


  • A cloud-based platform-as-a-service (Paas) from Salesforce
  • Provides web app hosting facilities to various businesses
  • Freemium model that facilitate new users to test hosting services
  • This is the first multi-language cloud application program, and it's one of the most popular available.

2. Urban Airship : okay, I just like the name of this one, but it's also a great dev tool. This tool includes lots of mobile options including location messaging services, digital wallet features, and plenty of other great things to select from.

3. Microsoft's Azure : Azure is definitely up there when it comes to top Amazon competitors, but Microsoft also offers some excellent developer tools with a focus on mobile development. In fact, Azure averages around 4 billion developer log-ins per week – not too shabby.

4. Code Cloud : technically, Code Cloud is Parse – or Parse is Code Cloud, or the two are the same. Alright, Parse is the company and Code Cloud is the tool. As you might have guessed from the name, Code Cloud is a cloud development tool used by such big name brands as Armani and Cadillac. Haven't tried Code Cloud yet? Check it out – or take a look at our complete review coming soon!

5. New Relic : I like this tool because it's simple. New Relic provides the dashboard we've all been dreaming about, it it does so in a no-nonsense kind of way. Bonus: New Relic also provides metrics, and that, my friends, is kind of impossible to ignore.

Other Development Tools?

So, that's our complete and amazing cloud-based development tool list, but we know that you have more suggestions to offer, right? What we'd like you to do is this: post a few of your favorite tools below, and we'll compile a huge posting of all of them once we have enough comments/suggestions.

If you're on the shy side and don't want to post your comments to our blog, you can post to the social media site that you're reading this through – probably G+. What we're looking for are some amazing suggestions offered up by you talented folks, so post away! Did we miss some? Let us know! Hate one of the tools that we listed? Why? Tell us the reason for your hatred!

Best Cloud-Based Developer Tools: On the Other Hand…

If you happen to be new to the development world and you need some help, you can post a comment too. I'm sure that plenty of people reading this post will have some tips and suggestions. Or, you can use our ‘Ask An Expert' tool to ask us what you want to know – you can even do it anonymously, so nobody can get on your case!

So, that's it! Let us know what tools you love and which once you hate. Know of a new cloud-based dev tool startup? We'd love to hear about those too!

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(December 06, 2019) Malwarebytes Labs researchers have found threat actors exploiting Salesforce Heroku for hosting Magecart skimmers by creating free accounts. The attackers exploited the service to store stolen payment card information and the user's details.

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