Be Careful When Moving to the Cloud

Be Careful When Moving to the CloudA lot of small businesses are looking to the cloud to save money and time. However, deciding which files to send to the cloud isn't as cut and dry as it seems. There's a lot more to cloud storage than just moving items around to and from the cloud. There are legal, and other, things to think about too.

A recent publication by Jitscale (a cloud migration management company) sheds some light on what you should – and really should not – be moving to the cloud. Take a careful look.

1. Be Careful When Moving to the Cloud, Mind those contracts : When you're dealing with clients, contracts are always afoot. Abiding by the terms set forth in a contract can also make or break a company. If you violate a few terms, you could wind up with a lawsuit. Included in that contract might be some jurisdiction information that specifies where you can and can't move certain files. Make sure that you can actually move files to a cloud before you make any changes.

2. Be Careful When Moving to the Cloud, Software restrictions : If you're dealing with software, you may be shocked to learn that some software can't be run in the cloud. Some vendors simply don't trust the cloud and don't want software information sent to the cloud. Check with software developers before you send programs cloud-bound.

3. Be Careful When Moving to the Cloud, Beware of confidential documents : If you organize your data into confidential or secret documents, make sure you have permission from all involved parties before storing any of these things in the cloud. Otherwise, it could be a giant disaster if confidential data becomes public knowledge – in the unlikely event.

Be Careful When Moving to the Cloud: Some Cloud Precautions

Even if you have gone over every file that you want to send to the cloud to make sure that it's safe to store it elsewhere, you really need to double-check the cloud storage option that you are thinking about using. It's always a risk when sending files somewhere else, and the cloud is not exempt.

The kind of security that should be in place when choosing a cloud provider has been mentioned on this site time and again. Even if you're just running a cheap hosting company, this data is essential. The cloud might seem like a safe and mythical place, but it's entirely susceptible to break-ins and hacks like any other storage option.

Be Careful When Moving to the Cloud: Other Things to Consider

Any application that requires expansion is ideal for the cloud environment. If scalability is an issue, the cloud is the perfect place. But, beware that some files really shouldn't be move to the cloud at all. Running a business can give you the illusion that everything about your business is yours to oversee and run – but it's not.

If you have clients and contracts, you can't just up and move certain software, files, and other bits of information. Not everyone is on board with the cloud, so make sure you have those cloud-based moves in writing before you take a step forward.

Got cloud questions? Let me know, or ask an expert using the expert panel on this page.

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