SEO Permalink Tips

SEO Permalink Tips Let’s talk about WordPress permalinks. These links are essential when it comes to getting any recognition from search engines, but it’s also one of the most overlooked areas on any given WordPress blog. Make Sure Those Links Are Right You’ll have to spend some time brushing up on your SEO tactics to… Read More

What Is Backlinking?

What Is Backlinking Trying to figure out SEO for your website is not easy. Really not easy. Especially if you’ve just been throw into the lion’s den and have to set up SEO quickly. The best thing to do would be to contact a friend that knows absolutely everything about SEO. But, that might not… Read More

Web Developers Tools and SEO Tagging Tips

Web Developers Tools and SEO Tagging Tips With the advancement in the technology and  the introduction of new devices, it’s now possible to access the Internet in ways never imagined (and those options keep expanding daily). Every website owner should be interested in making a site more visible to search engines. Understanding SEO is a… Read More

The Rules for Backlinking

Rules for Backlinking Backlinking. It’s a touchy subject. One that confuses a lot of would-be bloggers and cheap hosting site owners. Should you do it? How often should you do it? Are there any real guidelines that Google has set on the topic? It all depends on how you look at it. Here’s a guide… Read More

Why Image Optimization Is Important

Image Optimization The right image on your dedicated hosting website, whether on the homepage or embedded within a blog post, is critical. And it isn’t just for SEO purposes (although this is a big reason to host quality images, too!) High quality images on your homepage draw people in. After all, an image is the… Read More

SEO: 8 Considerations

If you’re looking to boost your cheap hosting web site’s visitor count, you cannot ignore search engine optimization (SEO). It is highly important these days, ensuring the people who would most benefit from your product or information can see it listed on that first page of results in the search engine. But what, exactly, assures… Read More

How to Add Keywords to Images

Add Keywords to Images Keywords go both ways. On the one hand, keywords can be a useful thing. On the other hand, they are also temperamental. If you use keywords wrong, Google will punish you. It’s a carefully balanced world, the world of keywords, and that balance often includes knowing where to put keywords. Keywords… Read More

TLD: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

TLD Overview Can choosing the right TLD be helpful when it comes to SEO strategies? Not at all. There are some things you can do with your domain name to rank a bit higher in a search engine, but it has nothing to do with the TLD you choose after doing a cheap hosting comparison. … Read More