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Original Web HostingSometimes looking back can be beneficial. It is from our past that we learn not to make similar mistakes in the future. We can also see what worked in the past, and apply those tactics to future ideas. Every industry began somewhere, and this is as true with hosting as it is with anything else. If your'e trying to start up a new web hosting company, consider what the very first hosting companies did first. Who knows, you may find that these companies can offer you some very solid tips.

The First Hosting Company

Concentric Hosting popped up in 1995 with its original patent for ‘clustered hosting architecture' – all of this is according to Wikipedia. But, a few other companies are claiming a first prize too. The very first website ever created was called CERN (it no longer exists), and that site was hosted somehow, though finding out what that first hosting company was named proves to be nearly impossible! Following CERN, there's a long list of sites that were up and running prior to 1995. All of those sites were hosted by various companies.

What can be learned from the earlier hosting companies? If we can't track down hosting to its roots, we can look at some of the hosting companies that have been around for the longest amount of time. This list would start with AT&T.

AT&T Original Web Hosting

As one of the original phone companies, it makes perfect sense that AT&T would also be one of the first hosting companies. After all, the company was perfectly poised to set up hosting with everything that AT&T had lined up (and still has lined up). AT&T hosts many of the world's top businesses, but this company's hosting objectives are widely advertised. Why is that? It's mostly because AT&T deals directly with business owners and less with individuals when it comes to hosting.

AT&T certain has a very long history full of great achievements and some mistakes. To learn from what AT&T has done throughout the years is a great way to begin building your own hosting company. You can scale up to what AT&T has overnight, but you can create a business plan based on some of the ideas that AT&T has put forth. Keep in mind that many of those ideas may not work for you, but it does pay to read about some of the biggest and greatest companies of all time – just to learn what you can and shouldn't do.

Beyond AT&T

Business inspiration doesn't have to solely come from other hosting companies. There are lots of great business ideas out there that have stemmed from brilliant leaders, excellent business plans, and amazing minds. It's also a great idea to read about various marketing and advertising techniques that those massive companies use. No company got where it is today without a really stellar marketing plan or great advertising angle.

Take a look at the articles on this blog to see how you can build up your hosting business. We'd also love to hear from you if you have additional hosting questions or ideas that you need some help with.

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