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About WordPress Hosting

In the world of web development WordPress don't need any introduction. It is widely used platform around the globe as a content management system for website development purpose. It saves time and energy of the web developer and made website development that much easy that even seven years old kid can create a website without any hassle on WordPress.

WordPress Hosting for Professional Websites

There was a time when people got dilemma that WordPress Hosting for only Personal or Blogging internet sites. But with time professionals even started using WordPress. Now, there is more than ten billion professional currently working on WordPress successfully. The search for the proper WordPress hosting starts here.

Platform for WordPress Hosting

There are two options available Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting as per the analysis there is much preference is given to Linux hosting For WordPress sites by the web designers and developers as compare to windows hosting it doesn't mean there is any issue in windows hosting with WordPress the reason is they feel much secure with Linux.

Companies Featured are Top in the industry of Best WordPress hosting but there are few thing must be checked such as

Best and most Trusted Web Hosting Providers

The list prepared by the team of Ananova by following criteria

Company information: This is important to notice that

The best way is to look for their reviews in Google. So, you can get an exact idea that no company gets 100% satisfaction level. But by reading the review one can easily understand the true reputation of the host.

Packages offered: From different packages offered by all hosting provider, check which suits the requirement. The requirement of an individual to individual is different.

Comparison with other packages: Comparison of packages within the hosting company and with other hosting providers as well.

Price: – Always go with a plan suits to your pocket and providing the services as per the requirements. It is good to find the cheap provider. But if it comes to business or e-commerce website look for the good branded WordPress The Web hosting company.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Content Management System with Powerful features: robust, flexible, versatile and secure.

Other Enriched Features: Contact Form, Booking Function or E-Commerce store


WooCommerce – a WordPress E-Commerce -WooCommerce transformed the WordPress

Founder and CEO Automattic: Matt Mullenweg

Parent Company: WordPress Foundation

Upcoming WordPress 4.7 Platform

Mobile-friendly framework AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

An open source technology which enables fast loading of web pages on mobile browsers. It empowers website publishers to efficiently improve speed and mobile user experience of loading pages.

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