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Most Popular Windows Web Hosting Platform

Windows Web Hosting

Are you running a Windows platform? Windows  is one of the most popular platforms (second to Linux). The difference between the two is the software. Let's take a look at Windows web hosting, and go over the pros and cons.

Windows Web Hosting: What Is It?

Web hosting is essentially the uploading of your content to a server. The Windows web hosting environment runs on the same server as your content is stored, taking care of all required actions involved in your website running smoothly. Not only does this environment process requests from site visitors, it also calls  up additional programs used to keep the site functional.



For most companies, the pros outweigh the cons. The number of Windows-based websites is on the rise, and numerous web hosting sites have added Windows OS servers or converted servers on the network to Windows to respond to this shift. As with any decision you make for your business, do some research before you decide if this hosting option is right for you.

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