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Inland Host Company Introduction

inland-HostThe Inland Host web hosting company is a company that was started some years back in a bid to offer various hosting services to clients from all over the world. The company offers various hosting services to clients such as Windows hosting, Linux based hosting, Linux Cloud servers, Windows cloud servers, FTP hosting and Business e-mail. The company looks to offer affordable and value packed hosting services to people from all parts of the world. All the hosting plans that the company offers  have great premium features and are at very affordable prices.

Inland Host Reputation

The inlandhosting company up holds a good reputation in the web hosting industry as a web host that offers their clients great services along with good customer care and feature rich hosting services. On top of that, they are renowning the world as a company that offers clients various hosting services at very affordable prices. Their up time statistics however paint a bad picture of the company's hosting performance.

Inland Host Features

The Inland web hosting company offers their clients four basic web hosting plans the clients can choose from: the economic hosting plan, the business hosting pckage and the corporate hosting package. For $20 a year on the economic plan, clients at the company get 1 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 host-able domain, MS SQL 2008 databases, POP3 email accounts and 100 e-mail accounts. The business hosting package on the other hand costs just $37.5 per year and includes three host-able domains along with 3GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth,200 e-mail accounts and up to 200 e-mail accounts.

The corporate hosting plan is the other hosting plan and comes with 10 GB  disk space, unlimited bandwidth, MS SQL 2008 databases and an unlimited number for e-mail accounts for just $62.5 US dollars yearly.The last hosting package that the company offers is the Enterprise hosting plan that costs the clients $125 per year and comes with an unlimited number of e-mail accounts, supports MS SQL 2008 databases, has unlimited bandwidth and 25 GB of disk space.  All these hosting plans however have some similar features such as: MS SQL 2008 databases, My SQL, SQL server Management studio access, MS Access and phpMy Admin for SQL. The company's hosting further support several programming technologies such as: Python, AJAX MS Access OLEDB/ ODBC, Microsoft Windows server 2008, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Microsoft IIS 7.0 among many others.

Inland Host Performance

The best thing about hosting at Inland Host is that the client does not have to make any long term commitments and better yet, there are no set up fees required. The company's performance on average is okay, as they offer clients a 30 day money back guarantee and have an advertised network up time of about 100%, which unfortunately they do not  deliver on and worse still, there has been a downhill trend in their up time statistics since they started operating. which they do not uphold. Their hosting services are however fast and their hosting if more so full of features.

Inland Host Reliability

Though the company advertises a network up time of 99.93%, this is not real as their network has more down time than up time and has deteriorated constantly since 2009. Inland host company has gained a bad reputation when it comes to reliability thanks to its poor up-time. Their hosting  services are however good and feature rich thus perform well when their servers and network is up and running.

Inland Host Support/Customer service

Clients of Inland web hosting company receive round the clock, that is 24/7 technical and customer support from the customer care desk who cater for all the client needs adequately. By offering this kind of constant customer care, their customers are ever satisfied. On top of that, they are guaranteed a 30 day money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the services that are offered.

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