Company introduction

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The Barakhosting web hosting company was founded back in the year 2005 and is located in the state of Florida in the United States of America. Some of the hosting services that this web host offers their clients include; website design, SEO services, domains hosting services along with web hosting services and e-commerce hosting. From the time this web host joined the hosting industry in 2005, it has continuously remained a web host to reckon with excellent reliability and hosting speeds thus keeping their clients satisfied.


This web host has a great reputation in the hosting industry as a company that offers their clients excellent hosting services with very fast and reliable hosting speeds throughout the day and night all year round. The company's hosting is furthermore feature-rich and on top of that is highly stable and very reliable.

Plan Features

BarakHosting services start at an all time low price of $3.95 each month. The company offers their clients several hosting plans to choose from, they include the personal plan , the small business plan, the corporate plan, the enterprise hosting plan and the 20GB VPS hosting plan. The personal hosting plan comes with features such as 5 e-mail addresses, a transfer of up to250GB and a disk space 5GB along with one FTP account per month for only $3.95 monthly. The small business plan on the other hand comes with 15 e-mail addressses, 5 FTP accounts, 500GB of transfer and about 10GB of storage space each month. The  corporate hosting plan that is offered by the company has features such as: 15 GB storage and 750 GB of transfer and on top of that, 25 MySQL accounts, 10 FTP accounts and 50 e-mail addresses. On the other hand, clients on the enterprise hosting plan are entitled to get hosting features such as, 20 FTP accounts, 50 MySQL databases, unlimited e-mail addresses, 1TB of data transfer and 20GB of storage. The final hosting plan that the company offers has, unlimited MySQL databases and e-mail addresses along with 20Gb of storage and 500GB of transfer along with lots of other great hosting features.


On average, Barakhosting exhibits good hosting withn lots of features in their hosting services along with very reliable and very fast hosting services. The company's customer support, reputation and performance go a long way in ensuring that the company's hosting is reliable nad that the comapny's clients are satisfied with their hosting services. More over, the company offers their  clients a  guaranteed network up time of up to 99.92% throughout the day and the night and a customer care and technical support team that can be reached throughout the day and night.

Services Offered

  • Domains Service
  • Web Hosting Service
  • SEO Services
  • Site Design
  • E-Commerce

Performance Overview and Support/Customer service

Barak Hosting has a dedicated customer support and technical support team which ensure that the company's clients are adequately catered for in all their difficulties or issues. The customer care team can furthermore be reached all day and all night long via phone and e-mail, the technical support team is also very fast in dealing with any technical difficulties that clients may be facing.


The company offers clients a network up time of 99.92 % which ensures that their servers are online throughout the day and night. On top of that, the company has an excellent customer support and technical support team that is readily available to deal with clients' technical difficulties. The speed of the company's hosting is another plus when it comes to the reliability of the company's hosting services.


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