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Web Hosting Account Verification: Important Steps To Avoid Fraud Or Abuse

Web Hosting Account Verification

If you are a cheap web hosting company, you have probably been the victim of fraud or abuse at some point. It's easy to see why this is common: it's easy to set up a cheap hosting account using a hacked credit card number, or even PayPal account, using that web hosting account for phishing or spamming purposes. If you offer free web hosting, it's even easier: no stolen credit card required! 

Is there any way you can avoid these problems as a web hosting provider? Most certainly! By educating yourself on the risks associated with fraud or abuse and verifying all accounts prior to activation, you can lower your risk substantially. Let's take a look at how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Web Hosting Account Verification: Determine Your Risk

There are many ways a web hosting company sets themselves up to be a target for abuse and fraud. If your company fits into any one of these categories, you can either change your business model or more closely verify account information:

Web Hosting Account Verification: How To Avoid It

One way to keep fraudsters at bay: account verification. Whether you rely on a fraud screening service or screen accounts prior to activation yourself, it is highly recommended. You can even choose to rely on the fraud screening service and then manually screen those who fail. Here are some ways to verify the validity of accounts:

Do you already verify identity of your web hosting clients? Have you had problems with fraud in the past?

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