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Watch Out, European Cyber Threats: ECSG Soon To Be On The Job

European Cyber Threats

Are you the customer of a European cheap internet website hosting provider? If you are, you'll be pleased to know you can soon rest a little easier when it comes to the safety of your data. An assortment of security firms in Europe have gotten together to create the European Cyber Security Group (ECSG).

The group felt it was a necessary collaboration in order to combat the numerous threats that occur within Europe's cyber-security infrastructure. Some of its members: Dutch Fox-IT, Danish CSIS, French Lexsi, and Spanish S21sec.

European Cyber Threats: Their Mission

It's all about cooperation, according to the ECSG. They plan to foster partnership between European countries and advocate for them in order to get them all working together. They are made up of over 600 cyber security experts and work closely with the ‘Computer Emergency Response Team.’

The ECSG will provide assistance and advise corporations, regulators, and governments on various issues regarding cyber security policy, mitigation practices and risk prevention, and information sharing cross-border. Their partners can expect to trade information trends and real-time threat intelligence, all while “acting within the law.” Lobbying of EU lawmakers will take place in order to create legislation addressing cross-border information sharing.

European Cyber Threats: The Concern

Sharing information to protect against any cyber security threats is a great idea in certain instances. However, what is being shared? This is the issue rising to the surface in the US after the recent passing of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).

CISPA was created in order for private companies to be able to release cyber security information with US federal agencies to protect US infrastructure. However, the bill did not state in any way that the private firm needed to remove sensitive personal information prior to sharing it with the government.

European Cyber Threats: Enough Is Enough

A number of cyber security threats are dealt with by organizations every day, and many of these can close an organization down due to a lack of resources. ECSG would work to help those organizations as best as possible, so that help can be given to clients around the world.

European Cyber Threats: Helping Hand

The mission of the ECSG is to be applauded; by leveraging the expertise and personnel from its member companies, the group will enhance cooperation and lawful sharing of information for quick and effective response to cyber attacks. It will hopefully strengthen public-private cooperation, which is one of the key priorities of the EU Cyber-security Strategy.”

Do you think this will strengthen protections for everyone, especially cheap Internet web site hosting companies and their clients? Would you feel safer choosing a cheap Internet web site hosting company if you knew this team of security experts were on the job to save the day?

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