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UK Adult Hosting Sites: Banks May Soon Deny Processing Payments

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UK Adult Hosting Sites

We've talked about the UK porn filter before. In case you missed it, you can check out that article *here*.UK Adult Hosting Sites

So let's raise an important point, which I believe has been raised here on the blog before, which I was thinking about with the recent news of a new form of punishment for adult hosting sites.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: Banks To Punish Adult Hosting Sites?

Before we get to that important point, let's look at the problem. After instituting country-wide porn filters that block adult hosting sites (which, thankfully, households have the option to opt-in on explicit content if they so choose), the government wants to give banks the authority to deny processing payments to any adult hosting sites that publish legal content but do nothing to prevent children from accessing that content.

Essentially, if you aren't following the rules, you aren't getting paid. A summit will take place some time this month in order to agree on a plan. If no agreement is voluntarily reached, the government is prepared to step in and create legislation and force the matter.

Certain websites don't perform any age verification check, unlike others that can't be accessed unless a users age is verified. The Authority for Television on Demand (Atvod) exists to monitor websites in the UK that host video content, and is leading the charge against non-compliant sites.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: In The Cross-hairs

Playboy was one of the first to be punished, according to the Telegraph, and there have been others. Apparently, Playboy offers video content that minors can access with no trouble whatsoever (UK Adult Hosting Sites).

But is it okay to target all of these seemingly non-compliant sites? Since it is not okay to flat-out block free adult sites (it's absolutely legal for those over 18 to view the content), it seems some recourse must be taken to assure sites are performing accurate age verification procedures.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: Free Isn't Necessarily Free

What happens is these sites attract users in with free videos. From there, they can sell a premium service, enticing users to pay for better, longer lasting videos and other add-on services.

If there is no age verification process for the free service (it stands to reason that someone under 18 does not have access to a credit card, so they'll not be able to upgrade), why should that non-compliant company receive payment? This is the view of the UK government: if you aren't going to play by the rules, you aren't going to get any money.

UK Adult Hosting Sites: The Future?

It seems banks and credit card companies are on board with this idea, and soon, the UK Cards Association, the Payments Council, the British Bankers Association, and the top credit card companies will meet at a summit to discuss this idea.

How far is Cameron prepared to take this (UK Adult Hosting Sites)? Should all of this content be blocked, and adult hosting websites be punished for publishing legal content by financial institutions? That's kind of the beauty of the Internet: you can find just about anything. While I agree that children shouldn't have access to pornography, isn't that the role of the parent, to assure their children aren't seeing things they shouldn't?

More importantly, who's deciding which content is appropriate and which content is not? It is subjective, so it seems to me there is a lot of work involved with the implementation of this proposed law.

Do you run an adult hosting sites? What are your thoughts on this topic?

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