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Top Hosting Providers Listings

This is basically a Hosting Providers Listings of the various companies that lead the pack when it comes to offering their clients excellent services in the specialized hosting platforms such as Linux based hosting, Windows hosting along with others.

Inmotion Web Hosting Provider Best Linux Hosting Provider

In motion web hosting company is currently ranked as  the top Linux hosting provider with its outstanding features being the unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth along with a free domain. Made it Cheap Best and Affordable in this segment

Arvixe web hosting company Again a leader in offering Hosting Services Specially in the Field of Adult Hosting

Another leader in the hosting industry is the Arvixe web hosting company which is a leader in offering adult hosting services. Some of its best hosting features are unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with a free site builder and a free domain along with other excellent h hosting features.

In motion web hosting company again is a top web host when it comes to offering Word Press hosting services and is currently the best company in offering Word Press hosting. Features of its Word Press hosting include: a free domain along with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space plus so much more in terms of features.

Rack Space hosting is the best cloud hosting company in the industry

Rack Space hosting is the best cloud hosting company in the industry. They offer great features such as: mobile applications support, cater for corporate sites and better yet offer excellent or rather high traffic to e-commerce sites.

Inmotion web hosting company is again among the leaders of the industry but this time as the best provider of dedicated server hosting services. The key dedicated server hosting features that make the company a leader include: 2×160 GB of HDD, 2GB of RAM, along with use of Intel Core E 2220/E5400 Dual core/2t processors which are very powerful thus appropriately suiting clients needs.

The best domain registrar in the hosting industry is the Go Daddy web hosting company which is also the cheapest domain registrar in the world. To date, Go daddy has handled up to 36, 512, 397 domains worldwide.

In motion web hosting is also the best provider of e-commerce hosting solutions in the industry.  In terms of e-commerce hosting, the best features that inmotion hosting brings to the table are: Word Press, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, c panel and shared SSL, all these services are offered for free at In motion thus making it  a leader in e-commerce hosting.

MyPc back up is a company that offers the best on line back up provider and comes with features such as: unlimited space at $ 12.95 each month, 75 GB of storage space at $8.95 per month and up to 250 GB or more storage space at $ 12.95 each month.

The leading company when it comes to offering reseller hosting services is HostGator web hosting company. It's reseller hosting comes with features such as: an easy to use and flexible control panel, a network up time of up to 99.9% and best still no contracts are required and clients are entitled to get a 45 day money back guarantee if unsatisfied with the services offered.

Hosting Amor is the leader when it comes to offering security solutions.  Some of their key hosting services include the fact that they offer clients defense against Google black listing, protection against  consumer and corporate data theft along with protection of all visitors who visit clients web sites. On top of that there is protection against website defacement.

Godaddy web hosting company is the leading company when it comes to offering SSL certificates with features such as the ability to verify domain control and secures your site and comes with Rs 558,659 warranty, is issued within minutes and better yet comes with a free Mal-ware scanner.

HostGator web hosting company is the best VPS hosting provider in the industry and comes with excellent features like use of a CPU of 1.13 GHZ, a RAM of 768 MB, disk space of of 30 GB and a bandwidth of 500GB each month.

The best windows hosting is offered by In motion web hosting company and offers clients features such as unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth and a free domain.

The provider of bandwidth hosting is Blue Host web hosting company  and offers average  phone support for as short as a minute along with unlimited disk space and better still the company has   a five star rating when it comes to offering excellent bandwidth.

PRLOG is the best press release provider which gives free distribution service for Google news along with other search engines and more so in bound links are allowed to the sites and additionally the site is properly optimized for search engines.

The best managed web hosting is offered by Just  and comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and  a free domain.

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