Things to Know About Setting Up an Adult Hosting Website

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Setting Up an Adult Hosting Website

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So you want to start an adult hosting site because (you've heard) that's where the money is. But before you start uploading videos to your site, there are some major legal concerns you need to think about – or risk being shut down.

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Here's an interesting fact: even though the Internet is global, your site has to play by jurisdiction rules. So pay attention to where your site is physically located (or where your company is located), and learn the laws of the land before you create anything.

Another interesting fact: if you add content to your site that's not always about adult web hosting, your site won't be targeted by the ethical police as much. You can go the usual route and add car-related articles to your site, or you can do something unusual like add some cooking content. Whatever you decide, mixing it up is good when it comes to adult content.

More Interesting Details

All adult sites have to include a warning page. This page should not be written by you! Again, do not write your own warning page! This is the one time that you will want to hire a lawyer to make sure all of those it's are crossed and those it's are dotted. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for trouble!

You also have to make sure that everyone visiting your site is the proper age. If you visit a website owned by a major brewing company or other “of age” site, you will see a small precautionary box that asks viewers to enter age details. This is the same kind of age determiner that you will want to add to your adult website. If you don't find out the age of all of your viewers, you could be in trouble.

Be Careful of Content

When you set up an adult site, hire an excellent content manager to control all content. You have to make absolutely sure that anything posted on your site does not cross that child pornography line. You also can't post anything that is considered obscene when it comes to the laws of society.

Keep your content fresh and interesting, but do make sure that everyone taking part in any video or in any script is of age. Double-check this – no, tripe check this. Lastly, pay attention to the type of advertisements that your site supports.

Go For Trusted Ads

Sure, ads that are laced with all kinds of bugs can be profitable, but you really have to look at the big picture. Is it worth losing a ton of potential site users just to gain some ad dollars? Probably not. Go with ads that aren't going to harm systems. This way, site visitors will actually trust your content, and that's a very important thing.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions about running an adult web hosting site, so ask away! We are here to help you set that site up, and keep it up without running into any major flaws.

Note: this article has not been written by a lawyer, and cannot be taken in any way for legal advice.

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  • Johnny Blaze says:

    Interesting advice to add non adult content to your site as additional content, who are the “ethical” police that you refer to? Would that be a reference to google or your hosting company?

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