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The Pirate Bay’s New Hosting Plan

Pirate Bay flagThe Pirate Bay is the piracy site that many groups of anti-piracy protestors love to hate. But, the website's owners plan to make the site a lot harder to take down in the near future. The minds behind the Pirate Bay plan to turn user PCs into web hosts while also setting up a fake domain name system.

Here's how it's all shaping up.

The New Pirate Bay Web Host Plan

The Pirate Bay wants users to host the site instead of using the company's own servers and domains. This is all going to happen through a browser-type client that shares all of the site's information in the form of small bundles. Site users can then host the Pirate Bay in fractured pieces.

In addition to the new web hosting plan, the Pirate Bay has also recently released the PirateBrowser, which is a software package that integrates a browser and a proxy add-on. The point of this package is to make it impossible for site blockers to block the Pirate Bay from various users. All of this is a massive effort to keep the Pirate Bay online and thwart anti-piracy groups.

Will It Work?

The Pirate Bay is being very secretive about complete plans to ask users to host the site. But, it does seem like all of the site's ducks are in a perfect row. Everything seems to be set up nicely, and the Pirate Bay seems to have a solid plan. Whether or not it will all work remains to be seen, but developers behind the Pirate Bay are trying at all costs to remain invisible.

Invisibility is essential to the life of the Pirate Bay. Should the company remain highly visible, site blockers will simply prevent users from visiting the site, and that wouldn't be useful at all. Splitting up hosting duties amongst users is another way for the Pirate Bay to go incognito.

Coders Needed

If you have some coding talent, check out what the Pirate Bay is working on. The site is still looking for coders to help out with the project, so you may just find your calling there. If you know a lot about web hosting and you're into coding, it's a noble cause to fight – don't you think? Or, do you think that the Pirate Bay is a site that should be taken down?

It will be interesting to see whether or not the Pirate Bay pulls off the hosting sharing idea. If this company can make it happen, maybe you can too? Who knows, anything is possible, right? In the meantime (or until it's all figured out), take a look at the hosting sites that have been reviewed here. You'll find that many of the sites on our blog are worth your time and money if you're looking for a great hosting option.

What are your thoughts about the new Pirate Bay hosting model? Is this a good or bad plan? Let us know what you'd like to tell the world below!

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