Communicating with visitors and offering them 2-way communication is one of the primary functions of SiteGeek. In few of the visitor’s opinion, the website is trying to build a rapport or goodwill of Hosting companies in hosting community by providing uptime, downtime, user sentiment, plan comparison, press releases, coupon codes, question and answers and reviews of them.

Most part of SiteGeek is involved in assessment and attitude of visitors. Website is building its goodwill among visitors and hosting companies by creating some degree of understanding. All the research being conducted is in the interest of the hosting customers.

It is well said that “Customer is God”. Website identifies the policies, plans and support system procedure of companies. Evaluate them in the interest of customers and rate the companies accordingly. Company rating is reciprocated with visitor’s attitude. Companies listed on top are more likely to be accepted. Visitors understand that masses are going to the companies listed on top, and the same is reported at website with domains transferred in and domain transferred out report.

The website has taken on its shoulders to bring true knowledge to visitors. All the companies listed are gone through step by step process of evaluation and research.

This is true that website influences visitor’s opinion. All the reports are published with responsibility and proper research. Public opinion can be viewed on site as it offers 2-way communication. From last 2 years sitegeek team is working to evolve a satisfactory model to review and rate hosting companies. The team is fully devoted to evolve a comprehensive tool of analysis.

Sitegeek is going to offer a trusted tools for hosting customers to be used all round the world. There is sustained effort to deliver the near exact report to the visitor’s. The entire team of SiteGeek is deliberately devoted to come up with reviewing and rating tool. The efforts are properly planned and the model is shaping fine. The entire activity, cause or movement is gaining visitors support and can be seen in the form of reviews available on website. The information provided is persuasive and its meant to educate the visitors with the company performance. The process if framed is going to serve both hosting customers and companies.

The trends are analyzed and results are published in form of reports after editor approval. As reports come out with proper research, auditing and assessment, the sitegeek stresses the advisory role in taking decision while selecting hosting companies for their website. Website working can be summarized in steps as under:

  • Planned research is conducted, audited and analyzed and reports are published after editor approval.
  • Create a relationship between hosting companies and customers.
  • Visitor’s opinion is taken on priority. Companies are rated on this basis.
  • Analyse policies, plans and support system procedures of hosting companies and educate the visitor’s about them.
  • Ensure that company’s activity is highlighted in the interest of customers.
  • Encourage visitors to participate in 2-way communication process and write reviews and rate companies on the basis of truth knowledge.
  • Through communication develop goodwill and rapport for the visitor’s acceptance. Ensure that the purpose of providing trends and analysis is understood and accepted.