Rogers Is Getting Into the Cloud Game

Guess what, Canada? Rogers Corp is about to become part of the growing cloud. Rogers just purchased a data center operations called Blackiron Data from Primus Telecommunications Group. What was the going price? A cool $200 million!

RogersWhat does Rogers plan to do with the new acquisition? The company could be setting up cheap web hosting of the cloud-type very soon. So far, Rogers representatives have made some statements regarding the purchase.

Rogers Future Plans

A Rogers spokesperson had this to say: “Rogers has clearly paid close attention to Bell Canada and Cogeco Cable’s moves in the space with the purchases of Q9 Networks and PEER1 Hosting. There is only a handful of independent hosting and cloud providers in Canada that could serve as a platform to get into the infrastructure services game and Blackiron fit the bill.”

That's not too far off base. The number of independent cheap web hosting cloud companies in Canada is, indeed, on the low side. With the purchase of Blackiron, Rogers has also purchased a complete customer base, and all the technology that goes with the recent purchase. In short, Rogers made a good deal.

What Blackiron Consists Of

The Blackiron data center currently includes 8 data centers that bring cloud services to more than 4,000 people throughout Canada. Rogers will, in turn, spread this even further, it seems. Not getting into the cheap web hosting cloud game would have been a mistake for the growing Canadian company. Clearly, this is a mistake that Rogers did not intend on making.

“This presence, along with its skilled and passionate team will ensure our collective sales teams are armed with the latest managed/hosted service offerings to meet the needs of current and prospective customers. We enthusiastically welcome Blackiron Data customers and employees to Rogers Communications.” If you're a Blackiron data customer, you have a new company to seek out when finding information or needing help, it seems.

Changes Being Made

So far, Rogers hasn't noted any real changes that will happen with Blackiron . But, you can expect the company to make some changes in the future. For now, Rogers is simply going along with the current Blackiron flow, and that means business as usual for Blackiron customers and Rogers alike.

Will this purchase impact your life? Not right now. In fact, it will create more cheap web hosting competition within Canada, and that's a good thing. Right now, the competition is really between a handful of companies that tend to control most of the cloud options. Rogers is a welcome addition. Any thoughts on this acquisition news?

Kalydo: A Different Type of Cloud Gaming

Kalydo's Global Business Director, Richard van Barneveld, explains why his cloud gaming company is succeeding – and why others are failing.

Q: What Makes Kalydo Different?

kalydoA: Our cloud game technology is based on “file streaming” instead of “video streaming.” Kalydo utilizes the massive processing power user devices. We are now the leading cloud gaming platform (based on file streaming) with 150-million sessions served in over 15 countries worldwide. We provide MMO publishers instant playability for any type of game from desktops and browsers.

We also offer our partners an analytics system to measure the complete conversion funnel, both in and outside the game. Kalydo games can also be ported in a browser to various social networks including Facebook, Kongregate, VK, QZone, Friendster, and Matchmove.

Q: How is File Streaming Unique from Video Streaming?

A: In both cases (file sharing and video streaming), the user can play instantly. However, there are important differences.

For video streaming, one needs a huge server capacity. Example: if a game has 100,000 concurrent users, the game must run 100,000 times on central server architecture. On top of that, a unique video stream needs to be set up for every gamer. This will, depending on the resolution, have an effect on the frame rate of the game.

For file streaming, a good CDN is enough to distribute small data packages. The user streams in a first package (50MB-300MB) after which he can start playing. The content needed to play will be delivered only when needed.

Kalydo’s file streaming benefits are:

  • No latency issues (ideal for FPS and racing games).
  • A low-cost solution for reduced data traffic and usage of Kalydo's cloud platform.
  • Low bandwidth requirements, which opens up cloud gaming to any gamer worldwide.
  • The possibility to stream client games to the browser and social networks.

Q: What is the Main Issue that Most Cloud Gaming Companies Face?

A: The promise of cloud gaming is to stream any game to any device. However, a game that is designed for PC cannot be streamed to a phone or smart TV simply because the UI is not designed for these devices.

Q. Is There A Future in Cloud Gaming?

We believe in a great future for cloud gaming based on file streaming. The solution is to reduce distribution costs and increase user experience  — not only by offering instant playability but also by reducing the number of steps to start playing. We have many examples where the conversion from registration to play has gone up by more than 30%.

Q: What is Kalydo Working on Next?

A: Our current platform offers a streaming solution to the web browser. We just had a commercial launch of a streaming PC app called “The Kalydo Desktop Launcher.” Users can play a streaming version of the game from their desktop (the download is available here). We are also working on new technology that will stream mobile games to mobile devices.

There is a lot of buzz about Cloud gaming. First, we had the Internet, then we had Web 2.0, and today it is all about the Cloud. For any gaming company, the user experience should be the most important focus. The cloud is just another tool or technology (and not a goal) for improving the user experience.

For Kalydo, the most important aspect is our statistics and analytics that provide us with information about where gamers leave during the gaming process. Our stats show that streaming games is a great improvement.